Kpop Challenge: Day 7

Missed a day I think but so far I've been on it! Yay me!


(yeah I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan) So last time it was Top 5 songs now it's

Day 7: Top 5 Kpop MVs

(Argh yet again another hard one but lets do it)


Mind Your Own Business- Ailee

I love this video and always find myself watching it. Doesn't hurt that I like the song as well. All the outfits, except the prisoner one, are so cute, and it's funny when she kicks the door... Also the end when they pose. I just love it all.



This is a funny and great video. I like how they get into so much trouble for an empty case .


Back- Infinite

I like the drama of it all, also that ending.


Last Farewell- Big Bang

Story of a nerdy guy who's actually really cool and gets the girl... This is funny and cute and the reveal at the end.


I Need U- BTS

no real words why but I can't stop watching this video... It's just good.

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