Ghost: Discovered

"My JT, We meet again."*That's it??"*"Gh..Ghost" "Hello JT""You've grown to a beautiful woman" "Than..thank you, but you..You haven't changed" "I am a Vampire JT""Why you back in Korea?" "I ... um.. i was nominated to show my art" "You have a good memory of how i look like, you was very young""You must listen to me. You are not safe here. Remember those red eyes monsters?" "Y..ya.." "They are also vampires, but they are vicious beast. They know your here, and they are hunting for you. Please dont go out at night" "Why me?" "Their queen wants to destroy you, because i wont marry her" "Why not?" "Because I have someone else in my heart, and that person is you"*He said what!?"*"How can it be me, you only meet me when i was five." "Since i saw you walking alone in the forest, Somethimg inside me wanted me to follow you, as i got closer the scent of your blood was very strong. Then when i saw the vampire attack you, i couldn't hold back but protect you""Why me?" "Something inside me wants me to keep you. But then you left. I couldnt find you. But i knew you was safe." "I wasn't, these nightmares haunted me. And all i can think of is you" "Im sorry JT.""I need to protect you, i cant seem to not leave you alone" "Then, dont ever leave. Stay with me""Your a prince?" "Yes, I am." "Why you must marry the red eyes" "Its veen on for generations, but i stopped it. The blue eyes are more powerful and we less vicious, but the red eyes are vicious and leave their meses around. I dont want my vampires be apart of that, we decided to fo on seperate ways. But thimgs are getting nasty. The queen is determine to destroy me by killing you"

GHOST She falls asleep peacefully beside me. I look at her and how deeply beautiful she looks. If only my powers was not strong enough .. i would have her become one of me. But since my powers are to great and she may die, i wont risk it. She then move towards me, and she rest her head on my chest. I held my breath to not smell her. She does have a a sweet scent. Any vampire will go crazy."Ill see you tonight, Ghost""How sweet, you still smell the same.""Shut up Melissa, please.""What...what do you want" "You!" "I have nothing to do with you. So leave" "Not without you.""JT, is that... wait. was that a vampire!!" "Yes, now shut up and come on.""Ghost, Where are you?" "Ghost? Are you serious JT? Not that guy again" "He is real. You know TOP, well he is Ghost." "For god sakes!!!" "You just saw a vampire, how can you not believe me now, when ive been telling you that Ghost is a vampire also" "True. But this one is red .. you saod Ghost is.." "Blue yes i know. and he is." "Jt!!??" "What..""Come on Melissa!""Get your fucking ass up, come on!!""Ghost... where are you...Ghost..." I began to whisper.FLASH"JT, run!!!""MELISSA!!""Lets see how delicious you are.""You tell your queen, to back down" "Never." "Then die.""JT, My JT. Everything is ok. Im here""Melissa, can you hear me?" "mmmm""Come JT."

"Its not your fault, It's my fault JT" "How?" "They know i only want is you""I only want you JT." "Then keep me" "I can't. It's to dangerous" "What you mean?" "Im too powerful, and i can kill you if i try.""You wont Ghost.""Ghost, Who is this queen?" "Hmm... her name is Sofia. She controls the red eyes vampire. She is evil, and very destructive. I was supposed to marry her at this time, but i refused as i grew. A war broke out, the blue eyes wanted to stay beside me, but she never let it go easy. So those who survived, are with me." "What are the difference between blue and red?" "Blue are more powerful and red are more destructive." "Whats your plan?" "No plans. Just a never ending war between us. The queen is veryyy powerful and strong out of all of us." "There must be a way" "Hopefully..""JT, go with Melissa, and stay quiet. GO!"BANG BANG BANG."AAAHHH""NOO!!""JT, im so sorry. Please forgive me"


What happened to JT? How will Ghost save her? Melissa?PREVIEWTO KOREAAN ILLUSIONFOUND

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