Fabulous Key Fridays!

So, let's take a trip to the wonderful world of fanart. We'll even go to the ship side^^ please keep your hands and feet in the giant floating lock and admire the great works of these artists. None of these are mine, credits to the amazing artists.

Today, we're visiting the state of Taekey. This ship is cute, and it's best when seen as a mother-son type of relationship. (just my opinion)

Some like to see it in the dating and sexual type of way.

But, I'm sure we can all meet in the middle when it comes to cute fluff and the perfect balance between the two.

Also, I'm sorry if any of these are off. some, I can't fully make heads or tails on what the words say.

Let me know which way you view Taekey and suggest which ship with Key in it you'd like to visit next week. Love y'all, Peace.

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