{NC}Your Vingle Origin Story

Oh my God guys! I'm finally on the Day 14 prompt. So. Many. Cards. Lol. In so little time that felt forever. I'm sorry but I'm gonna make this quick. This prompt asks us to explain how we came to the Vingle app and community.

It was certainly completely unexpected how I came to this place. It was being advertised pretty heavily on Facebook as a way to learn Japanese. Little did I know I would come to find so many cool people and such an amazing community. I was just kind of a stalker for awhile skimming and never really being active but I'm glad I stepped up and got out there. The moderators of this place and the individual communities are incredible and do such an amazing job at engaging everyone. If it weren't for them I'd be a ghost.

Okay guys that wraps it up for me, I'm finally all caught up! See yall tomorrow for the final challenge and I'll be sure to get to liking and commenting on all yall awesome cards I would have already had I not been so preoccupied trying to catch up! Thanks Nakama! tagging the good ones(not that if I don't tag you you aren't a good one lol)@InVinsybll@hikaymm@tylor619cruz@BlackoutZJ@VoidX@ebethoven@AdamDean@assasingod@Danse@AshChrimson@NinjaMouse@NeckoNecko@ShinigamiSan@Silverfang@UzumakiJess@Yatosgirl@JessicaFerrier@gabbycalzada@qveenknip@wakleyjj@CreeTheOtaku@AimeBolanos@gabbycalzada@kawaiiporpoise@pervysagex@Colonellinguis

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