This Week in Music (April 10-16)

Same guidelines as last week, I don't post OSTs and you're welcome to comment songs from this week that aren't on the list. Let's expand our K-horizons together!

*picture found on Tumblr

Starting off with the weirdness that is JYP, He released a new song right after "Still Alive" called "Fire" and it features Jimin from 15&, and surprisingly Conan O'Brien and Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead). JYP shows off his foreign connections and many company cameos from Wonder Girls and TWICE in this upbeat song.

NCT U released their second song "Without You" sung by three members in the Korean version and four members including a new Chinese member in the Chinese version. I wasn't really sure what to think of this song, maybe because it's so drastically different from "7th Sense". It has a wistful feel that changes into a song that makes me want to just go somewhere.

*Both the Korean and Chinese versions are included

Sam Kim has come out with another single from his debut album "I am Sam" so get pumped Dr.Seuss fans (jkjk). This song has such a smooth feeling to it, it's a debut that makes an impact if you listen to it, you can clearly hear every vocal pause and it feels like part of the music. The speed of the song picks up when Crush (yes Crush) but keeps the same feeling.

Block B released "Toy" this week and the song is so catchy. I'm a fan of Zico but I never really listened to Block B a lot, even though that's true for many of the groups and solo artists in the lists, but this song made me so interested in Block B so if your friends don't know them yet, this might be the song you start's "all you need", pun intended.

HISTORY made their comeback with "Queen" which is very dark and sensual. The chorus to this song is very simple and memorable and contrasts the verses very well. The boys come off very powerful and strong for this concept.

Sleepy from Untouchable came out with this song "Body Lotion" ft Bang Yongguk from B.A.P. that honestly the first thing that pops out is how trippy the MV looks and how it somehow fits the song is something I couldn't have imagined.

U Sung Eun came out with "질투(Jealousy)" with Kisum. The song is very lighthearted and U Sung Eun has a very pleasant voice. The song is simply explained as a song about a crush with a style like GFriend's "Me Gustas Tu".

Mint, former Tiny-G member (Still sad they disbanded) has made a comeback as solo artist Mintty! Her song "Already Go Lady" has a similar vibe to Lee Hyori's "U Go Girl" and it's very energetic, it honestly makes you forget about Mint and it was like a completely new artist, totally Mintty.

M&D(SJ Heechul and TRAX Jungmo) and Wheein from MAMAMOO came out with "Narcissus" for SM Station this week. This is a really nice ballad song that has a somber background, seen in the video and heard in the instrumental (This is the type of song that plays in an emotional K-drama). I personally really like ballads because of how they show off the vocals of singers.

GOT7 made a comeback with "Home Run" which I'm not sure is really considered a comeback because it's already on the Flight Log:Departure album, but they have performed it at a music show so IDK. It has a dance practice and even though the song is upbeat already, I'm sure most of you know about the dance practices already but the members make it seem so much more lively.

*I added a lyric video from youtuber "rxkxrsch K-POP" in case you wanted a clearer version of the song

ROO has released a very short song called "Spring Feelings" that can very simply be described as cherry blossom-like. ROO's voice is very soft and delicate and the song follows suit, making you sorry that it's so short.

Special addition: Bbyu [Sungjae (BToB)& Joy (Red Velvet) Couple] released a couple song called "Young Love" or "Love Child" and for people who watch We Got Married, this is the cutest thing since YongSeo Couple's (Jung Yonghwa and SeoHyun) honorifics song. The song is slow yet bubbly overall and the MV shows a lot of chemistry between the two.

That's it for this weeks' list, remember to comment any songs I missed or you think should be recognized so others can see.


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