Revelry Part 15

She jumps over the table and grabs my phone from my hands.

“UGH! Ji send it to me. Yeah he’s like texted her six times.” She opens up all your texts and takes a snapshot with her phone.

“I’m sending, I’m sending, hold your horses!”

You look over her shoulder at the remaining five texts:


HP: Maybe my mind was right, Americans are just Asian’s sluts.

HP: Just how many men do you need?

HP: Looks like I tried too hard, maybe I should have just ignored you yesterday and stayed.

HP: I won’t leave next time; if you’re giving it away I want my share.

You feel sick. You dash into the bathroom just in time to throw up. The tears start falling and you can’t seem to stop them. Why? Why was something so innocent and fun turned into something so vulgar?

You hear Jak hang up the phone and she comes over to kneel next to you on the bathroom floor. She pulls you into her arms,

“[YN] I’m sooo sorry, Ji is so angry that all this happened.”

“I don’t understand, what did I do that was so wrong?”

Jak pulls out her phone and shows you a picture. You look closer, it’s a picture of you and Jak dancing with Moonie’s boys. It must have been when some guys tried to approach you, it looks like a part from Dirty Dancing.

“You didn’t take this. Where did that come from?”

“I should have texted Ji my photos while at the club. Some paparazzi took this and sent it to him.”

“Okay, so? He knows you wouldn’t cheat on him.”

“I know that and he knows that. They were trying to get a response or blackmail him,” she shrugs, “I don’t know what. He recognized one of the guys and thought we were hanging with the nuthangs. He sent a text to Kyungil to say thanks for watching over us.”

She pauses a minute, "He was tired and he hit forward with his message.”

She sighs and sits back against the wall.

“He never heard back from Kyungil but then got the pictures from me and realized we were out with Moonie, not nuthangs. He’s been trying to get a hold of Kyungil but he won’t answer his phone.”

You wipe away the tears, “Yi-jeong said Kyungil got a text, started cussing with texting; than he threw his phone against the wall.”

You were thankful that there were no knocks on your door that night. You had both sat up in worry that Kyungil would make good his threat and try to come over. With the next day being Saturday, Jak decides the two of you need to get out of the apartment. You know she’s just trying to avoid a confrontation in case he shows up. The two of you head to the baths to spend the day just hanging out. She took her phone but you left yours at the apartment on purpose. After dinner the two of you decide its time to head home.

Five minutes after you arrive, there’s a knock on the door.

“I’ve got this,”

Jak states as she heads to the door. You can hear the next door neighbors voice, something about a delivery while you were gone. Jak walks in with a vase full of tulips and a stuffed bear. She hands you the flowers,

“These are for you.”

You hesitate taking them and she grins,

“This is mine,” she states holding the cute little bear.

“The flowers are for you, from Ji.”

You reach up to take them and read the card.

“Please forgive. He won’t bother you; I have others with him while I am gone. GD”

You look up at Jak and grin. Yes, he knows her; she doesn’t like flowers but has a HUGE weakness for stuffed animals. She claims she’s saving them for her future children, but they are all hers right now.

You pick up your phone to send Jiyong a thank you and see you have new texts. Taking a deep breath you begin opening them.

SCM: Everything is okay with you? I’m worried.

SCM: Can a few of us come over? We’ll bring dinner.

Now you feel bad. That’s two days in a row he’s tried to be a good friend and you didn’t receive his texts in time. You send him back a quick response.

YOU: Hey, again sorry. Jak took me out today and we left me phone home on purpose. Yeah, I’m good I guess. How about tomorrow? You want to come over around lunch?

You have a few other texts but from an unknown number. You open the first,

UNK: My phone broke. This is my new number.

Alright, you think its Kyungil but aren’t sure.

UNK: Ji explained you and Jak were with Moonie.

Ah, it is Kyungil. You immediately put him back in your phone but this time as MJA = Messed up Jack Ass.

You can see there are other texts from him. You really don’t want to read them but find yourself really wanting to know if he meant what he said the night before.

MJA: Why? Why do you do this to me?

Yep; because he was who you were thinking about last night while out having fun with new friends. You shake your head and simply press delete for all the remaining messages under his name. Even though it was hours ago that he texted you really need him to stop. You send him off a quick text;

YOU: I haven’t done anything to you. Stop blaming me for your problems and quit texting me.

You sign it with SA. If that’s how he’s going to think of you, that is exactly what you will become for him.


YOU: Slutty American. Goodbye Kyungil.

Your phone buzzes and you hit ignore. You quickly send a text to your parents letting them know to call you on Jak’s phone if they need you. Your phone buzzes a few more times and you simply turn it off.


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