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This List is subject to change as characters are introduced. MAIN CAST  Choi Min-ah: 24 year old female. Is secretly "Soul of Seoul". Manager and head waitress of her father's 5 Star State of the Art restaurant "Sapphire Skies". Soul of Seoul: Famous Writer on "Skyline" a popular website. Choi Min-yuk: 26 year old male. Min-ah's doting, protective oppa. Waiter of his father's 5 Star State of the Art restaurant "Sapphire Skies". Rookie kpop idol and leader of Romantix.  Park Jae-won: 25 year old male. Most sought after chef. Childhood friend of the Choi siblings. Min-yuk's best friend. Considers Min-ki as his uncle. In love with Min-ah. Head chef of 5 Star State of the Art restaurant "Sapphire Skies" Park Tae-lin: 27 year old female. Intern designer of "Stitch in Time". Childhood friend of the Choi siblings. Min-ah's best friend. Jung Myun-kei: 28 year old male. Heir of VN Enterprise. Ex-fiancee of Baek Soo-jin. Ex boyfriend of Min-ah.  Baek Soo-jin: 27 year old female. Daughter of famous lawyer  BIGBANG Choi Seung-hyun / TOP: 31 year old male. Position: Rapper. Dong Young-bae / Tae-yang: 30 year old male. Position: Vocals.  Kwon Ji-yong / G Dragon: 30 year old male. Position: Main Rapper and leader. Kang Dae-sung: 29 year old male. Position: Vocals Lee Seung-hyun / Seung-ri: 28 year old male. Position: Vocals and maknae. BTS: Kim Seokjin / Jin: 25 year old male. Position: Visual and Vocals. Min Yoongi / Suga: 25 year old male. Position: Rapper Jung Hoseok / J-Hope: 24 year old male. Position: Rapper and Dancer. [Authors Note: Hobi's birthday is February 18th whereas Min-ah's is June 27th. This makes Hobi older than Min-ah.] Kim Namjoon / Rap Monster: 23 year old male. Position: Leader and Rapper. Park Jimin: 23 year old male. Position: Vocals and Dancer. Kim Taehyung / V: 23 year old male. Position: Vocal. Jeon Jungkook: 20 year old male. Position: Vocals, Rapper and Dancer. ROMANTIX: Choi Min-yuk (Full Bio In Main Cast): 26 year old male. Position: Leader and main vocal. Ji Sung-min (Vingle's@MadAndrea / Maddie's Character): 23 year old male. SUPPORTING CAST Choi Min-ki: 48 year old male. Widowed and supportive father of Min-yuk and Min-ah owner of five star state of the art restaurant "Sapphire Skies". Adores the Park siblings. Treats and refers to them as his niece and nephew.    Kim Won-woo: 15 year old male. Kim Mi-young: 13 year old female. Little sister of Won-woo. Kim Young-jin: 10 year old male. Little brother of Won-woo. Kim Hyun-woo: 36 year old male. Father of Won-woo, Mi-young and Young-jin. Employee of VN Enterprise. Kim Mi-kyung: 34 year old female. Wife of Hyun-woo and mother of Won-woo, Mi-young an Young-jin.

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