Screenshot Saturday Results!!

This sneaky little child is hosting? There is definitely going to be some mischief happening.

I got the host to bring me there! Score!

The bean too! Yup, definitely going to be a sneaky, mischievous party. Who let these two plan?

Once again, this just seems to be making more and more trouble. Someone is going to be offended at this party for sure.

Awww, a dance with Ken! How did I get so lucky!!!

Is it because I'm spending so much time with Hyuk? I'm sorry Jaehwannie. Do you want another dance?

This explains why he brought me.

Looks like he answered my question. A kiss is way better than another dance!!!

Did he and Hyuk plan this whole this for that reason? I'm sorry Hyuk and Bean, but Ken and I clearly have a thing going on.

Those three completely dominated my results. They wouldn't let any one else in!!! Oh well, I still love it. Thank you to@AimeeH for creating this!

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