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Episode 1

You walked with TOP at his calm, and mellow pace. The wind blew a chilly breeze, and forgetting your coat made matters worse. Your feet throbbed from the long night of wearing heels, but you were only a street away from being home.

“Thank you for walking me home,” you mumble with tint in your cheeks.

“Don't mention it, I don't think it would be a good idea if you left at this time at night, looking as beautiful as you do right now,” he smiled while looking into the distance.

<<Aishh, why did I have to forget to bring money!>>

“I hope this doesn't trouble you, it wasn't my intention to forget taxi money,” you pout and look down.

TOP laughed, “No no, it's no trouble at all. Don't worry about it, you have been doing so much lately, it's okay something like this slipped your mind. Just be glad that nothing bad happened.”

You smile and look up at him, "Thank you for being so brotherly to me.”

He looks at you and smiles back, “I try..... Especially since I don't have a younger sister.”

For a split moment, you loose track of your footing and stumble over a crack in the pavement. TOP offers you a hand to retain your balance, but you quickly find your footing again and stabilize your balance.

“Aishh, tonight just isn't my night. Thank you for the help, I'm sorry you had to see that.”

He chuckles to himself, “Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.”

“Yaah, you better not!” You punch him lightly in the arm.

“You can trust me,” he smirks and playfully rubs the spot where you punched him.


“Can I tell you a secret then?” you say after a few more steps.

“Of course, what's on your mind?” TOP says looking at you with a soft expression.

You keep your eyes low, and bite your lip as you try to construct a proper sentence. “I uh- I have a crush on one of the.... members,” you manage to say.

“Oh?" He chuckles. "Fabulous, Sunshine, Panda, or Shirtless?”

You laugh at how accurate the descriptions for each one guy is. “Well when you put it that way....” You laugh again and blush at the idea of actually telling TOP who your bias is.

“C'mon, you can trust me when it comes to these guys, who knows, maybe I'll know if he likes you back,” TOP smirks.

“I really shouldn't be telling you this,” you smile, hiding your face in your hands.

“I'm just trying to help a lovely flower get some sunshine."

You sigh heavily then wrap your arms around yourself, “Promise this will stay between you and I?”

“Pinky promise,” TOP says, holding out his pinky to you. You wrap your pinky around his and smile at the childish feeling in your stomach.

“I like Tae-Yang,” you say, looking away to hide your blushing face.

“Well that's pretty obvious, didn't you catch my pun?”

Your head shoots up with a horrid expression and cover your mouth, “How!” you exclaim in disbelief.

“This one I actually called from the beginning because your face gives you away whenever he's near,” he smirks.

“Aishh, no way!” You cover your face from embarrassment as he laughs. “Do you know if he likes me back?” You peek at TOP through your fingers.

He shrugged, “Dunno, I'm not allowed to be biased,” he said smiling mischievously.

You laugh “I take it back, you're a horrible brother!”

<<Damn, I really need to focus when I leave the house.>>

<<Why am I getting the feeling that today was the last day I'd be getting any fun?>>

You change into your pajamas, remove your makeup, and set the alarm clock on your phone then snuggle into bed. Your body relaxes due to exhaustion but your head begins to race with multiple questions about telling TOP your secret.

<<Am I really that obvious?>>

You shift positions in bed.

<<No way!>><<Right?>>

Throughout the night you end up tossing and turning, contemplating whether you were that obvious about your feeling or if TOP was just messing with you, causing you to only get a wink of sleep. That wink being deep enough to sleep through your first alarm.

You crack an eye open when the sunlight becomes bright enough to dance on your face, making you jump out of bed when you see the clock. 9:27am.


You run into the bathroom, throw on a regular white t-shirt, jeans, and converse, then run out the door with your bag. You half run to work, slowing down once you turn onto its street. Your hair still remained curly from the night before but you tie it up into a ponytail in order to get your hair out of your face.

As you approach YG Entertainment, you notice someone on a bicycle riding around on the street. The closer you get, to quickly you realize it was Tae-Yang on the bike. Your heart begins to pound against your chest as it commands you to stop and turn around, to take the back entrance, but your body continues to keep moving.

Tae-Yang notices you walking towards the building and rides over to wait for you with a smile smile beginning to sprout across his lips.

“Good morning,” he says once you're close enough.

“Good morning, what are you up to?” your lips move without your consent.

He looks away to hide his smile, “Nothing much, riding. You?”

“Going to work.”

He chuckles at your blunt response then looks up at you and smiles. A warm feeling runs down your body, making it relax the moment your eyes meet.

“Whoa, did you sleep last night? You look exhausted.” He stands up from the bike and scoots closer.

You drop your head to mask the heat rising to your cheeks, “I had, uh, trouble sleeping is all. A lot on my mind with work and stuff....”

He lifts his hand to lift your chin but quickly pulls it back and exhales slowly, “You should rest properly or else you'll get sick.” His voice, soft with concern.

You giggle shyly, “It was only last night, don't worry about me, oppa.”

Tae-Yang flickers his eyes elsewhere and scratches his head as a light tint settles in his cheeks, “We can- um, go get some coffee if you n-need some.”


Your phones begins to ring.

“Hello?” You answer.

“Are you taking a day off? There's a stack of papers we need you to translate through,” the CEO's assistant spoke through the other line.

“Ah, no. Sorry, I'm just a bit late. I'm in the building as we speak, I'll stop by and pick them up.”

The line cuts off.

“Am I getting you in trouble?” Tae-Yang says in his wary tone.

“No no, it's just my fault for sleeping through my alarm. Sorry, I have to go.” You bow goodbye and speed walk into the building.

<<Aishh, today is just not my day!>>

The moment you take a seat in your office chair, multiple assistants enter your office with a handful of paperwork to set on your desk. You thank them for going through the trouble and start up your computer.

You sigh, staring at the high stack. “This is going to be a long day.”

Being late to work and seeing Tae-Yang outside had completely thrown you off, making it difficult to concentrate with your thoughts switching from various languages to remembering the conversation with Tae-Yang.

<<Can I restart the day?>>

A stern knock on your door makes you jump in your seat, you grant entry and watch as the door slowly opens to reveal Tae-Yang holding a couple of coffee cups in his hand.

“Am I interrupting something?” he says with a broad smile.

<<I take it back. Thank you god for letting the sunshine today!>>

He comes forth and hands you one of the cups, “I didn't know what you liked so I just brought you tea. Hopefully it's sweet enough to keep you up.”

You giggle as you receive the cup from him. “You're going to give me a sugar rush if you make it too sweet. I'm gonna end up crashing later.”

He takes a seat in the chair across your desk and shakes his head, “Aishh, I didn't think of it like that.”

You bite the corner of the cup and blow into the small opening, “You came all this way to bring me something.” You look up at him and smile again. “Thank you, oppa.”

He nods his head and takes a sip of his own cup to hide his colored cheeks. “Actually, I also came to ask you something.”

<<Is he gonna ask me what I think he's gonna ask me? Omo! What should I say?! How do I act?!? Oppa! I'm not prepared! I mean, yes I'm prepared but omo! This is too fast!>>

He leans forward and smiles with his eyes, “I don't know how to put this.... um....”

(I had to because I can still picture him doing this!! XD)

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