San Francisco is a Wrap

Usually do this right after the concert finishs but I finally got sick x.x can't blame jay since been a week since nyc and i never truly got near him

A fan made ChaCha night with her sign aw so sweet.... YAH! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT STAYING CLASSY YA'LL! YOU'RE ALL GROUNDED FOR FAILING! So there where panties all over the can see freaking red ones on Pumkins booth... Got Jay asking why... All he wanted was a dinner and a movie before stripping...not panties xD lafie splease stick with the condoms. The boyss don't keep your panties. @BBxGD@Nikkitty@LemonLasse@Jiyongixoxo@tiffany1922@EliseB@marsamusic@PrettieeEmm@victoria97@Ercurrent@MelissaGarza@flxvour@Annaharris1989@DestinaByrd@pharmgirlerin@yaya12@faith92@MsLoyalHeart@pharmgirlerin@KristinaCaron@MarrickeJ33@KaeliShearer@CrystalBlunt@Jiyongixoxo@lilbr0wneyes@MykelHobbs@CallMeMsDragon@KaiJae@dallasyamane@nmeza29@CreeTheOtaku@Annaharris1989@yaya12@sherrysahar@MandyNoona@KwonOfAKind@drummergirl691@Elipunt@PassTheSuga@SugaOnTop@mrsjeon2

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