Jungkook Imagine- It's Complicated pt5

Excuse the instance of bad language, it just felt necessary to be there...

This was it, the day that your group's album was out and so you were required to do an album signing at a shopping centre in Soeul. You woke up to face a sleepy Jungkook who still had his arms wrapped around you. "Come on babe, let go, I've gotta get ready!" His voice was still quite low from sleeping, "no you don't!" You sighed, of course he wouldn't want you to leave, you were both perfectly comfortable where you were. Yet, you knew that if you didn't get up now, you'd be late for the signing. After about another 5 minutes of hugging, you escaped from the embrace and got ready. You got dressed into a black and white stripy top tucked into some high waisted ripped skinny jeans. As you were about to slide on your white converse, you noticed Kookie standing in front of you with a small-ish box in his hands. It wasn't small enough to be a ring but it wasn't big enough to be any other kind of gift really. He slowly opened it to reveal a silver charm necklace. The charm was a heart that had your initials on one side and his on the other. "I got you this as a good luck present for today!" He said. "It's beautiful Kookie." "Just make sure your initials are face up." You needed to make sure of this, if his initials were face up then people may get suspicious and that's the last thing you needed to be worried about today. He lightly kissed your forehead and soon you were in a car with the rest of 4Motion.

You were all wearing the same colours, black and white but were wearing clothes that showed off your own style. The only girly outfit out of all of you was Luna, who was wearing a black skirt, white shirt and black braces connected the two. You arrived at the centre and soon the autographing process began. As people passed you'd ask them how their day had been so far and easily made small talk. That was until some girl asked you what it was like to hang out with BTS, this set off a chain of questions from fans about the boys. "They're really nice", "we're good friends" and "They are great mentors for us, we look up to them" we're just some of your replies. It was the last person at the signing now standing in front of you. She asked how you were and you asked her how she was in return and it went smoothly until... "I totally ship you and Jungkook together.. I bet he got you that necklace didn't he!" You looked down at the necklace and realised it was half flipped over so she possibly even saw his initials on the charm. "That's sweet of you b-but we're just good fr-" "Please don't lie to me," she started, "I just want to see you two go out!" It felt as if her heart was in your hands, you didn't want to crush it but you couldn't let the word get out about you two. Think, think. Finally, a witty comment came into your mind so that she wouldn't get too affected, "I'll see what I can do for you hey?" She walked off with the biggest grin on her face. Phew... For now!

From the signing, you jetted off to a guest appearance on ASC. You were told that it was one of Eric's last days on the show and so you felt sad for him. However, the managers of the show wanted to pack in as many people as they could before he left. For you, this meant that your group would also appear on the show at the same time as Got7. You'd seen the boys perform and really liked their new song "Fly" but you hadn't met them before. Your groups were lining up before the show aired and you quickly got introduced. You got told by a stage hand that you were going to be sat at the back between Zara and BamBam. You could see BamBam's eyes quickly light up at your name. "So looks like you're slumming it with me at the back then!" He jokingly stated. Slum! What is it with that word? You smiled and replied, "don't get your hopes up" From what you'd seen on tv, BamBam was quite sassy but funny and so you assumed you'd click with him easily. Yet there he was winking at you and making you feel embarrassed. 'State your ground' you thought. You couldn't let him or anyone know you weren't single and you couldn't have him all over you either. You had to find a middle ground. The show started and Eric had planned a game for you to play. He quickly sorted you out into smaller teams and unfortunately you were paired up with BamBam. Why just the two of you? 'U hate you Eric' you suddenly thought. You realised how much you sounded like Jackson which made you almost giggle.

You had to complete as many dances as you could. They played songs from both boy and girl groups. It was time for you and BamBam to impress the people and hopefully best Jackson, Zara and Mark's lead. BTS' dope played first. How ironic. You immediately knew the moves and BamBam tried to keep up. Then Exid's Up and Down came on and you both got the timing perfect. The next few songs flew by until it came to 'Touch my body' by Sistar. You prepared yourself to do the dance in an overdramatic way instead of it being overly sexy. The chorus was approaching and you got into place. It played and instead of your own hand being beside you as you swayed, an unfamiliar pair of hands held your waist and helped you move up and down. You felt embarrassed at the sudden touch. Once the dance was over you turned to face a smug looking BamBam. Eric congratulated you two as you had won and then started teasing the pair of you, "so looks like BamBam's got a crush on our newbie Y/N!" You tried to sink lower in your chair but he took your arm and lifted you up. He then proceeded to intertwine his fingers with yours and kissed your hand. Awkward much!! You could almost imagine Jungkook if he had seen the show and how jealous he must be. The show sped by until it came to a Q&A section. Unfortunately, Eric wouldn't leave you alone about BamBam.

"So Y/N considering BamBam seems perfectly comfortable in your company, would you go on a date with him if he asked you?" It was a not so subtle hint but you eventually had to return with "yeah I guess it would be cool to hang out" and with that the awkwardness between you had fully set. After the show, he came up to you and asked if you would actually go on a date with him. You took him to one side to make sure you were alone, you couldn't have him falling for you under false pretences. "Look you are a great guy but I'm going out with Jungkook" his facial expression completely changed, "I'd appreciate it if you kept this to yourself as we aren't allowed to go public yet" He smiled, "that's ok sure but you could have told me before, people seem to approve of me and you possibly dating" WHAT? You were in utter shock, "when did this happen?" "During the show, JYP contacted BigHit and said that if we were dating it would be good publicity for both labels. They apparently agreed on it!" So, not only were you going against your boyfriend but the very company that accepted you and Jungkook are now condemning it. "So what, now I have to be seen to be going out with you?" You asked, still a bit confused over the whole matter. He nodded. Immediately, you called Jungkook in order to tell him what was going on but he wouldn't answer. You kept calling him but every time it went to voicemail.

You excused yourself from the studio and took a taxi to the BTS dorm. He must be there, it was his day off. You knock on the door but no one came. So you hit harder yelling "Jungkook!" as loud as you could. Eventually, Jimin came to the door, "God damn it Y/N why are you yelling so loud?!" You didn't even bother to answer and stormed past him to Jungkook's room. You stood in the door way and saw him watching the very end of ASC. "Y-Y/N!" He said with no emotion. "Why the hell have you not been answering my calls?" He shrugged his shoulders so you carried on ranting at him, "I got told something really important just now and you don't have the decency to even bother replying." He sat up at this, all the anger seemed to drain from you as you watched him closely. "I saw you on ASC" he said disapprovingly. "Yeah so?" "I SAW YOU ON ASC!" He was now shouting, "You couldn't have stopped BamBam could you? You couldn't have said no to going on a date!? Now look what mess we are in, BigHit want you to be with him even thought you are rightfully mine!" Neither of you broke eye contact. "Do you know how hard it'll be with him in the picture? This is your debut for fucks sake it was meant to just be about your group, not you hooking up with some skinny lad while you are still in a relationship" Damn, you had never seen him so angry, it was as if he had held in his anger just so you could see it explode in front of you. "Kookie, I didn't mean for it to happen but now he knows that I'm yours and so there's nothing actually going on between us!"

Yet there it was, the feeling that you'd have to fall in love. The feeling that you were being pressured into something you didn't even want to do! You both knew that you and BamBam would have to act in front of the cameras as if you are in love. It was going to be hard as you were never the best at acting out real life situations. More importantly, you had to convince yourself as well as he cameras and fans that you were in love with someone that you had barely met. Thinking back on it, you'd have rather said there and then that you and Jungkook were actually together and so you had no interest whatsoever with BamBam. Except, this wasn't like the fairytales, it was more like Hunger Games and hopefully BamBam wasn't going to be Peeta for long.

Hope you guys liked it.. It's gonna be more tense from now on! 😄

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