UNIQ Dating Game Round 3

Let's start off with your results from round two!

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Landscape 1 - City

You are both 20-somethings starting out in your respective careers in the same city. One day you go to a coffee shop with a work colleague, Sarah, over your lunch break. After you both get your coffees you find a table to sit down at and talk about work and some office rumors. A few minutes pass and she looks over toward the counter and jumps up to go greet the person who's just finished ordering. They stand and chat for a few minutes; you watch people walk past the window as you wait. Eventually she comes back with an extremely attractive man at her side. You can't help it and you end up staring a little, but attempt to try to keep your cool. Sarah introduces you two saying she worked with him at her previous job and they were good friends. You invite him to sit down with you both and he takes you up on your offer. The three of you talk for a while, but shortly need to return to your jobs. He asks if he can get your phone number so you two can keep in touch. He uses your jobs as an excuse, but you both know he doesn't mean that. You agree and exchange numbers. You begin texting each other and after a few days he asks you out. You two start having coffee dates regularly; which eventually leads to actual dates.

Landscape 2 - Forest

Landscape 3 - Country Road

You both met as children. Your parents were good friends and you lived on the same block of houses. You pretty much knew each other since you could walk and talk. You spent most your childhoods' as inseparable friends. You would ride bikes, have picnics, and play games. But as you were entering middle school his family had to move because his father was offered a better job in another city. You kept in touch with occasional calls and letters; however, as children often do, you eventually grew apart. In your junior year of high school you find out there is going to be a new transfer student. At first you don't recognize him, but once you hear his name you know it is him. You can't believe how cute he has gotten! He recognizes you immediately and runs to you after class while calling your name. He grabs you up into a big hug and asks a hundred questions all at once in excitement; meanwhile, everyone is looking at you with odd stares as you get hugged by the new boy on the school's lawn, but you both couldn't care less. Over the next few weeks you find yourselves glued to one another during breaks and lunch hour. You spend time catching up and joking around; it feels like you never spent those years apart!

Landscape 4 - Night Sky

You both met in college. You had a class together and he watched you from afar. You were both very shy and he had a hard time working up the courage to talk to you. At a house party you spot each other from across the room, after a few seconds of eye contact you look away. As soon as you look up though you see he's gone, but soon enough someone taps on your shoulder. You look back and there he is; shyly smiling and making short bursts of eye contact with you. You try to talk a little but the music is pounding and people keep bumping into you both so you decide to go somewhere more quiet. You make your way upstairs and go out one of the windows and sit on the roof looking up at the stars. At first there is some awkward silence, but you can't help but admire how handsome he is in the moonlight. After a minute or so, he nervously starts talking about constellations and their stories; he tells you he was a bit of an astronomy geek in high school. As the conversation goes on you both learn a bit about each other. Before you know it the party has died down and the sun is rising. After that you find that he has started sitting next to you in class and you spend time talking with each other on the campus lawn between classes.

Landscape 5 - Beach

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