WARNING!!!! The progress of loner kid's art

First of all drawing #2 and #3 were drawn in the same pose as the first to show how far my drawing has come in less than 5 years (I know it seems like a long time for such little progress but I actually stopped drawing and got into music and education for a while... then I gave up on both) also I never was taught how to draw so I taught myself... yup SO.... 1) one of the first drawings I did couple years ago... (p.s. that is my cousin ) 2) I drew this 2 years ago on a block of wood I found in my room 3) I drew this today (4/17) 4) I drew this last month but I actually put effort into it unlike the other 3 which I did in less than 20 minutes

artist in training I like manga and a lil of anime
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