Favorite April products !

Cheers to almost ending this month, but let's talk about what the good discoveries we made this month. . .

To start off, I find myself using this powder more than my foundation. I love that they have the line in matte so my oily skin won't look like a big mess in the middle of the day & it has great coverage but yet feels lightweight !

Let's get them lashes going ... Picked this mascara up at Target with the intention to only wear it for school, surprisingly my lashes look so good I use it on weekends too . The brush is amazing & indescribable and has thin bristles to get each individual lash .

Oh Jesus I have had long sleepless nights with so much hw and work . Love this wonder stick ! compact to have it in your go makeup bag . The concealer hides dark circles yet somehow highlights as well. Also love putting some on my chin to avoid lipstick on there after eating. & the contour part is divine. Has me transformed to sculpted face!

Add some color to your cheeks ! Loving too faced blush ! Gives me color without being extremely dramatic or overly glittery . It gives the right amount of color without looking like a unicorn threw you up !

What would life be without eyeliner ?!?! Got this baddie 2 months ago but just started using it! The black is blacker than any soul, & the top is sharp enough to get them wings done. Also survived all day without it smearing! Really great buy!

Last but not Least, have to have some colour pop in my life. I have been experimenting with different colored eyeliner to make my eyes pop. So far I am obsessed with "call me" & "over board". I have fun with these colors especially with this season . Brings color to my life!

Hope you all enjoyed it! I'd love to know your fave April goodies & please feel free to comment what products you'd be willing to try out :) @tessStevens@jordanhamilton@AlloBaber@hikaymm

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