You've Been Dared!

It's time for another wild dare!

This time we're sharing scenes that we really relate to! Here's mine:

Tony's anxiety attack.

If you've never had one... this is what it feels like. Like your body is dying for no reason, your heart is gonna explode and your lungs aren't working and it's like you're drowning. The switch from okay to TERRIBLE feels like it happens so fast and you just have to ride the wave. Other people might experience panic attacks differently, but this is exactly what it's been like for me. It's the worst. (But it made me feel really good seeing one of my heroes going through it).


You've been dared!

+If you were tagged in this card it means you've been dared.

+Repost with a Marvel scene you relate to.

+Tag 5 more people

+Begin world domination

I'm tagging my friends@jevonlowery@MajahnNelson@AshCrimson@ThePervySage and@TehDL ^_^

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