5 Pop-Punk Songs Perfect For Your Summer Playlist

It's 80 degrees out here in California. The sun is out, people are jogging and sitting outside for lunch. It's one of those times where you thank God that you live on the West Coast. Not a cloud in sight.

This got me thinking...what songs are perfect for that summer playlist you curate to sit by the pool?

1. Summer Fling Don't Mean A Thing - New Found Glory

New Found Glory was one of the first bands I ever listened to. Them, alongside Green Day are the reason I started pursuing music. This song and video is a testament to all of those hilarious pop songs that romanticize summer, and it's the perfect way to kick off yours!

2. The Party Song - All Time Low

This is another one of those songs that tells it like it is, but has the most infectious beat. You can't help but feel pumped while listening to it. It's the perfect song for day drinking by the pool, when everything is easy and nothing matters. Of course, you'll probably want to listen again when you're hungover to get the full effect.

3. Troublemaker - Green Day

Summer definitely breeds trouble, especially if you're in a place that gets really hot. California vibes are always flowing for Green Day since they're Bay Area natives. It's a constant party during this song, that hi-lights the attraction between man and woman. Come on, the beach is perfect for this tune.

4. Girl At The Rock Show - Blink 182

Nothing screams summer like music festivals, and for us punks, Warped tour in particular. I remember getting all ready with my friends to endure the extreme heat and some incredible music. Back in the early 2000's pop-punk was king and you could see all of your favorite bands in one place. Man, those were the days. Yes, I know the tour is still going, but no it's not the same.

5. Saturday - Fall Out Boy

This is a quintessential track for people longing to escape the ordinary. For most, the summer holds a lot of expectations. It's the time for vacations, for good weather and cold drinks. But honestly, it's an escape, from our day to day, for those of you who are fortunate enough to be able to take vacation and spend time with family, it's this song for me, that encapsulates that feeling.

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