This is Unbelievable 😡

Ok I've been hearing A LOT in these past 3 days about Kai and Krystal relationship, TaeYeon, Gd, and TOP, and many more. Like this is Unbelievable I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE NO NO NOTICE: I.M SORRY IF I WAS TOO HARSH XP

FIRST about Kaistal like they're in a relationship. Ok I was a lil Sad when I heard it, but I got over it cuz he'll never know that I even exist. AND SO WHAT!!!!! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER........WHY THE to be called "FANS" HATING THEM AND abandon them Especially KAI. I've read a card@selfishmachines posted that says the Japanese fans that supported EXO specially KAI are abandoning him cuz of KRYSTAL!!!!!!! WHAT THE HELL, like imagine people are hating you for being with your boyfriend or your loved ones like they have NO RIGHT on Hating them cuz they're basically abusing and controlling their lives. LIKE SERIOUSLY THE WAY I IMAGINE THEM IS LIKE THEY'RE JUST SITTING ON THEIR BEDS AND HATING HATING HATING HATING. this is not right, some people aren't supporting anymore but HATING more and more (I'm not talking about everyone just mentioning the sasaengs and the haters)

SECOND GD, AND TOP. As I read from@BBxGD card People are going CRAZY about them smoking. I mean ok Ik you're scared for their health, cuz ME TOO, I care too and I'm against smoking on EVERYTHING. BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN SAY SUCH BAD THINGS AND CURSE ON THEM AND DON'T LOVE THEM ANYMORE AND JUST END YOUR LIFE WITH THEM. That actually makes me CRAZY cuz A LOT of celebrities does it. And some celebrities does more than smoking and people keep supporting them STRONGLY. THEN WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE, it's like if he was my husband or my bro to tell him to stop. Maybe he will maybe he won't. I have to GIVE HIM AN ADVICE. If he didn't stop smoking, then ok it's his decision i gave him an advice. AT LEAST I LET HIM KNOW IT'S BAD. BUT NOT JUST GIVE THEM FULL HATE AFTER THAT AND TURN TO BE A HATER. Idk anymore like this is AGAIN UNBELIEVABLE.

LAST BUT SURLY NOT LEAST TAEYEON. As I read on@kpopINT sasaengs figured out her number and they started to ask her to give them information about Kai and Krystal, cuz she's in the same Entertainment as them. Seriously!!!!! like you all being serious now. OUT OF ALL THINGS........WHY ARE THEY ASKING HER ABOUT KRYSTAL AND KAI. IT'S LIKE IF THEY WERE SAYING GO STALK THEM. LIKE PLZ LET HER BE SHE NEED TO HAVE A LIFE *Well if they're letting her have one* THESE PEOPLE NEED A SPECIAL TREATMENTS. Have manners please this isn't nice for her NOR them. it makes me so angry when they do that like they think themselves as the people who will threat and find out stuff while they're just wasting their lives for nothing. Seriously enough ENOUGH. Why are they giving all this hate. They're people who makes you happy, people who entertain you when you're bored, who practice and work all day/night long for YOU TO LIKE THEM. and they're just spamming them If they just breathed. This is not fair. WE SHOULD SUPPORT AND STOP THIS. . . . Tagging my Vingle Fam list : @destiny1419@nnatalieg@4dalientae@AimeeH@VeronicaArtino@StephanieDuong@Zyxzj@PrettieeEmm@SerenityThao@Sailynn@Ercurrent@katiems@AlexisRiver@AaliyahNewbell@krin@ninjamidori@CreeTheOtaku@ToppDogg@Starbell808@BelencitaGarcia@Dabaesaplayer@VKookie47@JinsPrincess86@Emilykitetenjo@moonchild03@CristinReynolds@Tania538@BBxGD@shadowCYRMBBCL@nnatalieg@KristinaCaron@VIPFreak2NE1@BessanMerab@JaxomB@dlphn100grl@Journ505@luna1171@Defy24601@LemonLassie@Izab3lla@CallMeMsDragon@JessicaSchnipke@KeziahWright@Journ505@RedChord@JohnEvans@kpopandkimchi@Jiyongixoxo@lovetop@Sammie99522@bbyitskatie@EmilyPeacock@Namjoonsbutt@nenegrint14@TiffanyBibian@JaeneashaJones@Choijiah@mariadelzam@TheEnlightment@lennykpop@CosmicCassidy@LexiMintkgtopty@Manxwolf@CloeySuess@immabanana@ESwee@lashonda0917@AlenaSegura@IWuvKpop@LizaNightshade@chelle1971@KatieShiminski@LilianaGD@JaxomB@immabanana9@kpopINT

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