5 Non-Traditional Best Friend Bracelets

You're never too old for Best Friend Jewelry!

My friends and I have made coffee mugs together, we have matching sweaters, and of course we have BFF socks!

These five Etsy items though are too awesome to pass up. I was able to close the window before completing my purchase but I definitely have one of these saved in my cart...

1. The Red String of Fate

Who says 'soulmate' has to be romantic? With this charm, you and your other half will be able to hold one end of the string of fate - the belief that we are connected to a specific person that we are meant to be with. Link <3

2. The Best Bitches

Are you and your crew partners in crime? This three-person charm is adorable and then totally bad ass one its put together! Link <3

3. Pizza Pals

Is there a better representation of friendship than a pizza pie? Probably not. I am soooooo tempted to buy this for my group of friends. (There are 6 of us...perfect for this pizza!) Link <3

4. Long Distance Friends

These necklaces are connecting China and the UK, but you can customize them to match the relevant cities/countries for you and your bff! I can totally relate to this! My best friend from high school is living in California while my work has be bouncing all over the globe. Link <3

5. Cheese to My Macaroni

You might fight over who gets to be the cheese, but this set is perfect for your favorite noodle :) These can be made into keychains, necklaces, or rings! Link <3

Which one suits you and your friend best?!

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