Kyungil x Yijeong Fanfiction Chapter 3


I know it's been a while, but here it is! Chapter 3! finally! Between work and family was a nasty case of writer's block. Thanks to @MadAndrea for inspiring me to get back on it. I'll try to update more often. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

"Hyung.... Ireonayo hyung" a voice repeated next to his head. "Hyung, are you awake now?" Dokyun asked as the cobwebs finally cleared from Kyungil's consciousness. He rubbed his eyes and picked up his alarm clock to see he had slept through it by 20 minutes. "SHIT" he hissed through his teeth and groaned as he sat up. He felt the strain he put on his body last night. He knew he pushed himself too hard once he saw the blister on his heel. But the desperation and drive he felt overpowered any ache or pain. "It's review day hyung, how did you forget to set your alarm?" Dokyun asked him still kneeling beside his bunk. Kyungil scratched the back of his head trying to remember last night. He remembered practicing, showering, and tiptoe-ing to the room. He recalled raising an eyebrow when he saw the Pororo print bandage with a note that read 'You'll be great, we will all be great. Nothing can stop us. Let's all go to the top. FIGHTING' set on his pillow. He absent-mindedly touched the back of his heel where the bandage was covering the broken blister and felt himself smile. His smile disappeared as soon as he snapped back to the present at Dokyun's sudden move to the door. "Well, whatever hyung. Review isn't for another 2 hours, but I know you like to get your practice in even up to the last minute," Dokyun explained as he shoved his hand into his sweat pants pocket. "The guys already had breakfast, but Yijeong insisted I bring you this when I came to get you." He pulled out a protein bar and tossed it on the bed next to Kyungil. "We'll be in the practice room waiting. We know you've really been pushing yourself to the limits lately, so don't rush. But don't keep us waiting too long hyung, or you'll look like a hypocrite." Dokyun smirked, gave a slight tip of his head in the leader's direction and let himself out. Kyungil stretched and plopped back on the bed, did a few crunches, rolled over until he plopped on the floor, did a few push ups, and jumped up to his feet. He grimaced a bit when he stretched his foot out flat so the skin on his heel protested in discomfort. He bent down to make sure the bandage was still secure, and set his jaw in determination as he grabbed and opened the protein bar, took a bite, and finished getting ready. "There he is!" Jaeho and Sihyoung nearly said in unison while they were stretching against the back wall together with Yijeong and Dokyun. Kyungil rubbed the back of his neck feeling a bit shitty for sleeping in and glanced over at Yijeong who was looking intently at his feet like he was looking for something. "Yijeong-ah" he said, which made the Maknae's head whip up in attention. "Y-Yeah, hyung?" He answered quickly. "Just wanted to say thanks, that's all." He nodded in his direction, and tilted his head to the side when Yijeong looked shocked at his thankfulness. "Wait, h-how did you..." Yijeong started to ask. "I tolerated it, but you know I'm not a fan of peanut butter... but still, thanks for sending Dokyun with it. It helped a lot." He interrupted him, and turned to face the others. "Sorry, guys, for over sleeping today, there's no excuse. Let's get through this review and get this debut we've been working for. I'll let you guys pick a punishment for me after we pass." He explained with a half smile and held his hands open in front of him. "Deal?" Yijeong was the first one to jump up, straighten out his sweats, stretch his legs and arms, roll his head in a neck stretch, and said "Sounds like a sweet deal, hyung. Let's make it to the top! Jalhada!" He pumped his fist and then held his hand palm down in front of Kyungil. The rest of the guys jumped up and put their hands one on top of the other with Kyungil's still the one left to join. "Let's make history hyung." Yijeong said with a smile that seemed to light up the room, and motioned to the pile of hands waiting for his. Kyungil felt the sting in his heel, the aches in his muscles, the uncertainty in his mind, and the tightness in his chest ease away as he placed his hand on theirs. His eyes met with Yijeong's filled with bright excitement and he felt himself smile, "Yeah, let's make history."

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