Suzy thinks she won't be the 'nation's first love' forever

Miss A's Suzy is not only beautiful, but also wise! She revealed that she didn't consider her popularity to be set in stone. During a recent interview, Suzy shared, "Although I am receiving a lot of love right now, I don't think this will last forever. I am trying to work with that mindset...Honestly, there is pressure. I don't know if I can handle it but I think I'm doing a good job in firmly making it through. Loneliness is inevitable." Suzy previously shed tears when asked about the rumors of earning a whole lot of money from her CFs and being referred to as the '10 billion KRW (~9 million USD) Girl' during the press conference for her drama, 'Book of the House of Gu'. Looking back on that moment, Suzy explained, "It was a result of many things. Tears just came out." "I do get stressed mentally. I want to focus on myself and perfect my work. I want to fall into one thing but there are a lot of things that I have to do. So I have no choice. I have to do it with a grateful heart. I see everything as a fortunate happening. It is not something that can last forever." "Now that summer is here, I will have to work out and prepare for it. I want to receive vocal and dance lessons. I want to reunite with people I haven't been able to catch up with and I have to take my dog, which has been left for someone else to take care of in the house while I was filming my drama, outside with me again. I have a lot of things to do." Really admire her mindset! I feel for her though that she seems to be working way too hard for any person at her age :( Suzy fighting.

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