British Teens Living With Indigenous Group As Punishment?

Two teens from London were sent to live with Peruvian indigenous people in a new reality television show. The show is called "Tribal Teens...Here Comes Trouble." The show is a creation of UK Channel 5. Apparently, the show's goal is to teach the teens a lesson from their lazy and spoiled ways by having them bother the indigenous people of Peru.

When I saw an article about this crawl over my screen, I nearly choked.

According to Mirror, In the first episode of the series, school dropout Ethan, 18, and 'princess' Alex, 16, from London, are shipped off by their parents to stay with the indigenous Ashánika tribe deep in the rain-forest.

The two rotten kids did appear to change their rotten ways at the end of their time in the jungle. Still, this show makes me want to throw-up.

Here we go again, using indigenous people and their cultures as pure entertainment.

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