DOK2 (Doh-ki)

Lee Joon-KyungMarch 28, 1990 (25)AKorean and EnglishMotherFathersexy mix xD

Been active since 2006.

•At the age of 13, he first signed with Future Flow Entertainment. • Written and produce songs for Drunken Tiger, Dynamic Duo & Epik High at the age of will be dropped soon of these groups

Dok2 is also a Co- Ceo of Illionare Records with The Quiett.

In 2011,

teamedformedlabelthoughsmalllabelconsideredmostinfluentialhip hop record labelpopularityartistsdid i just sounded professional?? ...xD

Show Me The Money....

We all know this program.. if your into rap and hip hop.. but anywayss....

In 2014 ...

Dok2TheQuiettjudgesproducerswinningBobbyi hope you knew thatAlsocomfirmedDok2appearSeason 5SMTMcooollll

Time for some Collaboration..Dok2KoreanRappersIdolsenough1. Masta Wu ft. Bobby and Dok22. G-Dragon ft. Tablo and Dok23. Jay Park ft. Dok24. Zion T. ft Dok25. G.I ft Dok27. Epik High ft Dok2

Dok2... and his abs. xD

There you go... the first rapper.

Everyone Dok2,South Korean Rapper, Producer and Co- Ceo of Illionare records.

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