4 Things To Do As The Weather Gets Warmer


1. Plan a camping trip! Sure it's still a little cool but nothing a warm fire can't cure! Plus it's so much easier to get a camping site now before things get CRAZY! Take a weekend away and just embrace nature as everything is starting to come alive. The forest in bloom is a beautiful sight for sore winter eyes.

2. Brunch outside Get your squad together and find a place that has a patio or rooftop bar and recover with some delicious food, tasty drinks, and much needed fresh air and sunshine. No one can feel that bad at a rooftop brunch.

3. Find the ice cream man. It is so little kid, and yet summer is the time for childish nostalgia. And trust me it won't feel like summer until you sit back with a ice cone and watched the sunset. Extra perks if you chase that truck down with your bike!

4. Take a day off! It's finally nice out AFTER SOOOOO LONG! It's time to treat yourself to a day off. Wait for that really perfect day, suddenly get an intense 24 hour flu and just spend the day outside. It's a reset button and all of us need it.

Summer 2016, we've been waiting for you

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