These Art Museum Face Swaps Are Downright Freaky!

Visiting a national art museum might be boring for some, but for Snapchat loyalist Jake Marshall, it was the perfect place to have some fun with the app's popular FaceSwap feature.

The British Museum in London has a pretty impressive amount of statues - ranging from Ancient Greece to Mesopotamia.

And nothing's sexier than wearing the eroded face of Ancient Egyptian royalty, right?

The Classic period is famous for sculptures without eye detail, but on humans, it looks absolutely terrifying.

Where are these teeth coming from?!

Now here's a young British man swapping faces with a very, very old British man.

This one proves style has come a long way since 17th century France.

Now he just looks like a middle school bully.

Well, at least ONE of them is smiling!

So which one is your favorite? Which one freaked you out the most? How many of you have used FaceSwap?

Let me know in the comments below!

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