To Vinglers: Thank You For Your Strength and Compassion


Recently, the Vingle community was shocked by news of a fellow Vingler@BBxGD's illness. Rather than despairing or falling silent, the Vingle Kpop community's response was absolutely incredible.

Hundreds of messages, comments, and cards were written cheering for @BBxGD and offering her support and positivity.

When a large group of Vinglers organized a social media campaign to ask Korean entertainers to send encouragement, Vingle did whatever they could to help.

Vingle reached out to Big Bang's Taeyang to let him know how brave@BBxGD has been during this tough time, and how incredibly loving and supporting our Vingle community is. He was touched and, wanting to offer his prayers and support, was kind enough to send@BBxGD a personal message and CD.

Taeyang asked us to send these to@BBxGD from Korea. We hope this little gift will give her more positive energy and power to get over her illness and recover fast.

This is a testament to not only@BBxGD's strength as a person but to how truly loving the Vingle family is. This could never have happened without the support from the Vingle community. The entire Vingle Team was moved by the kindness that was shown, and we are so proud to be the platform of such a caring community.

Now we ask all of Vingle to take a moment to send love and positive thoughts towards @BBxGD.

Thank you, Vinglers and stay strong, @BBxGD!

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