The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: One Year Anniversary.

I know im a few days late, but a year ago Bighit released the teaser to the The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt 1, the begining of trilogy that would mean the entire world not only to me but to ARMY's all over the world. Bts have worked hard to bring us amazing heartfelt music and to connect with us, and lift up our spirits in the darkest times of our lives. Its been one crazy ride.! Honestly im a little sad that it is ending but i can't wait to see what our boys have in store for us in the future!! ^_^ *please love all their albums forever!* Let the appreciation card begin! <3


"Give me my last gift

So I can’t ever go back to you"

-I Need U


"They make me run again, my heart beats again"



"But I still run endlessly towards my dreams"

-Young Forever



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