My Character For A Book (Ignore but also there's a picture of me)

To the outside world she looks like a weird chick who doesn't care and loves her body, but in actuality she is weird, she cares a lot, and she hates her body. She knows it is desirable but still it hurts her. She is 5'6, 18 and her name is Rose Dollson. She is kind of a perv after she trusts you a bit, She doesn't trust a single person, in her head they will just hurt her.

She was raised by her musician parents, her mom who sings and her dad who can play practically any instrument.

She loves music (mostly rock, K-Hip Hop, and classical), Purple, Doctor Who, Pooh Bear (the old one), Books (mostly about magic), Video games, Swimming, Black Tea, Archery, Horror Movies, Animals, and Anime.

She's from Texas but she moved to London when she was 11, she now lives in Korea while her family lives in Japan. Her accent is a mix between Texan and British.

Her style of clothing changes from punk, cute, weird, or comfortable.

She hates dresses but will wear them if needed.

She loves wearing boots, converse, skinny jeans, hoodies (to hide her boobs), and rings.

Most of her friends are guys as she doesn't get along with most females.

She is pretty much every type of tomboy in one.

Her hair is purple or blue {I can't pick :( }

She is scared of thunder because it hurts her ears. She can hear a dog whistle.

She is not a virgin and gave her virginity to a guy who claimed to love her but cheated on her, she now only trusts guys as friends.

She can handle alcohol.

She is almost always listening to music.

Her family consists of 8 people, her parents, her little brother, and her 4 sisters all diferent types of tomboys.

She keeps her place cold so that she can always wear a blanket or hoodie. She also just really likes the cold. She has blankets everywhere.

She has a mug collection that she uses.

This is for@aliendestina

Thanks for letting me be a part of this :) .......and sorry if that's to much.

Writer, Singer, Gamer. Anime, Music, and Video Game lover.
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