He didn't~ Chapter 5

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Length: 3085 words

Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression

Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.

Part: 5/?

Y/n’s POV

Yoongi didn’t know what to do. His hand was still in mid-air frozen. I opened one eye to see who it was.

As promised, it was Namjoon. He was struggling to restrain a furious Jungkook. “Get the fuck away from her hyung”, Jungkook growled, as Namjoon kept pulling him back.

I looked back at Yoongi, who had put his hand down now. The hand that had be pinned to the wall also loosened it’s grip slightly.

“Y/n...”, he whispered. His tone was so apologetic, I bet if I wasn’t drunk I still would have tried to make him feel better. Instead I blinked a couple of times before removing his hand away from me. “You better go”, I said without any emotion. “Or your girlfriends gonna get through every guy in there. Then she’ll be too tired when it’s your turn.”

He looked hurt. But like I said, I wasn’t myself. “Y/n”, Namjoon called. His tone was disapproving, just like it had been on the phone. I was going to get a massive lecture in the morning.

“That’s my name”, I turned to him and Jungkook. I stumbled again, walking towards them, leaving Yoongi standing there speechless.

“I think I’m gonna go home” , I mumbled. I suddenly felt exhausted. I tried to walk past the two boys, but Jungkook had pulled out of Namjoon’s grip, and he put an arm out to stop me.

“You’re coming with us”, he said sternly.

“Sorry officer but I haven't done anything wrong.” I tried to push past him weakly, but he grabbed my arms. “Like hell you haven’t”, he snapped.

“ I was fine!” I whined. “But then HE”, I pointed behind me, not even sure if Yoongi was still stood there, “Showed up.”

I sighed as Namjoon grabbed one arm and Jungkook grabbed the other. We stopped at Namjoon’s car. I looked back before Jungkook helped me in.

I was met by a sad sight. Never had I seen Yoongi look more dejected in my life. Not even when I had told him we were over. I must have really hurt him. Or maybe he was upset that I’d gone with Namjoon and Jungkook.

That must be it. I hadn’t hurt him, just his ego.

Jungkook buckled me in, while I sat there and stared at him. If the veins in his neck where anything to go by, he was furious. He shut the car door with a bit more force than necessary, before pointing threateningly to Yoongi. Even through the door, I heard him clear as day. “Don’t even think about coming home tonight. You can stay with that slut.”

I smiled dryly.

That was hardly a punishment- he probably wanted to spend the night with her.

He got into the passenger seat, and Namjoon started the car. “Y/n please give me fair warning if you feel sick. You are not going to throw up in my car”, Namjoon warned.

We made eye contact in the rear view mirror and I nodded at him understandingly. He was getting confused- it was Tae who got travel sick, not me.

I looked out of the window, unblinking, completely lost in my thoughts. We were at the boys place in like two minutes, but the silence stretched it out for a lot longer. Jungkook had been whispering something to Namjoon, and I really wasn’t interested until Namjoon spoke up.

“Er y/n? I know you normally sleep in Taehyung’s room...”

This was true. I was maybe kinda scared of the dark, and Taehyung kept me company. He made me feel better no matter how tired he was. I looked intently at Namjoon.

“But er...he has a friend over so you have to sleep on the sofa.” He finished. He looked so uneasy I wanted to laugh. In the state I was in it took me a minute to process what he had just told me.

My features hardened as I looked at him darkly. “Take me home.”

“What? Not in that sta-”

“NAMJOON ,TAKE ME HOME!” I screamed, making them both jump. “Jesus Christ!” He yelled.

Namjoon had been trying to park the car in the already narrow street, and he had almost hit the car he was trying to squeeze behind.

I didn’t care. If they didn’t take me, I’d walk. I did not want to see my shitty excuse of a best friend sleeping with his even shittier ex-girlfriend. Or girlfriend- I didn’t even know if they were back together. Not like Tae had told me.

“Y/n, calm down.” Jungkook’s voice was gentler, but still stern. “You can’t be left alone in that state.”

“Why don’t one of you come with me to mine then?”

But I knew the answer. They weren’t Taehyung. Only he had sleepovers and even that stopped when I was dating Yoongi. I think they were uncomfortable at the thought of spending the night at mine alone.

I sighed in frustration. “You guys are unbelievable.”

We were sat in the now-parked car, not moving. “WE’RE unbelievable? If we hadn’t stepped in, Yoongi would’ve..he would’ve-” Jungkook couldn’t even say it. I struggled with the seatbelt, finally getting it to click open, before flopping back in my seat.

“I riled him”, I said softly. “I said I wished you were there. I was asking for i-”

“Shut up”, both boys said simultaneously. So I did. I got out shakily, my feet extremely sore from trying to run in these stupid shoes. Jungkook got out too, and dashed to me, to support me from the waist. I put my arms around him to steady myself.

“Hyung catch”, Jungkook threw a small metal object at Namjoon. Turned out to be a key, because Namjoon overtook us to unlock the door.

All the boys were stood around the living room, looking worried. “Y/n!”, Jin exclaimed in relief.

I looked around at all of them. Hosoek. Jin. Jimin. Unsurprisingly, no Tae.

“Hello!”, I beamed at him waving, not registering the fact that they were worried because of me.

“Y/n, what the fuck!” That was Jimin. “You’re smarter than this!”

“Jeez, I didn’t realise you were all my dad”, I giggled, kicking the heels off. “And Chim Chim I’m not smart if my own boyfriend was cheating under my nose and I never caught on!” Jimin just stared at me.

I let go of Jungkook, and grabbed the sofa for support. His hands stayed on my waist.

“She’s here. She’s safe. I’m off to bed.” Hoseok muttered. He looked exhausted. Jin and Jimin followed suit after asking if I was going to be OK.

I walked around the sofa and sat down on it.

“Y/n”, Namjoon stood on the other side of the coffee table, right in front of me. “You ok to spend the night here?” I didn’t like the concern in his eyes- I didn’t need it.

“Sure”, I replied shortly. I wasn’t, but no one except Tae knew about my stupid fear. He gave me a small nod. He looked over me at Jungkook who was still stood behind me. “I’m off, you should sleep too.” Jungkook must have nodded, because I heard no noise.

Namjoon gave me one last look then upped and left.

There was no sound for about a minute. I sat there playing with my fingers, sighing every so often, until Jungkook walked around and sat down next to me.

“You should sleep”, I echoed Namjoon. “You’re all upset and tired and it’s my fault”, I said, the sadness evident in my voice. Damn, alcohol and mood swings went hand in hand.

He chuckled. “You’re not even gonna remember anything in the morning.” I pouted. “Good”, I sighed. I didn’t want to remember Yoongi almost slapping me. I didn’t want to remember Taehyung and Krystal.

“You wanna sleep with me?”, he suddenly asked, throwing me off guard. I stared at him, open-mouthed until he caught on.

“No, no! Not like that!”, he spluttered in between laughter. I theatrically put my finger to his lips, my eyes wide. The others really wanted sleep, and that wasn’t going to help. I took it away when he pretended to bite it.

“I asked because I know you’re afraid of the dark”, he grinned.

“No way. No fucking way”, I shook my head in disbelief. “He told you?!”

Jungkook shook his head, his shoulders shaking with silent laughter. “No, I heard you beating him up when he laughed at you for it.” I grinned at the memory. I had had Tae practically begging for mercy.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He questioned, emphasising the word ‘me’.

I frowned to myself. It wasn’t that big of a secret. “Because you’d laugh at me. And call me a big baby.” That’s what Tae had done. I didn’t talk to him for two days after.

“I wouldn’t have done that. I would’ve cuddled with you and recited revision notes to help you sleep.” I snorted at his response. Before I could register what I was doing I had rested my head on his shoulder. He slouched down so my head was comfortable.

“You’re a nice guy Jungkook.”

The last thing I heard before a wave of drowsiness hit me and I was nodding off, was him murmuring “So...not your kind of guy then.”

I woke up with a god-awful headache, as was expected with my stupidity. I was sprawled out onto the sofa, still in last night’s dress. I groaned, as I stretched, the dress riding upwards. I heard someone laugh and instantly got up, covering myself.

It was Jimin, phone in one hand, cup of tea in the other. My cheeks grew hot at his smirk. I could feel my hair was an absolute mess, my make-up was probably running. I felt gross.

“What the fuck happened?”, I groaned, clutching my head. He nodded pointedly to the glass of water and pills on the table, before adding “You got wasted.”

“You’re so helpful”, I shot back. I could hear Jin and Namjoon in the kitchen. If the thumping music upstairs was anything to go by, Hoseok was dancing. I felt slightly guilty at that, as I hadn’t danced with him in ages.

In fact the only people that I couldn’t hear or see were Tae, Jungkook and Yoongi. I downed the pills with the aid of the water, wincing at the feeling of the tablets travelling down by throat.

I didn’t want to leave the house like this, but I didn’t want any of the boys to see me like this either. Jimin had already made it clear that I wasn’t exactly looking my best right now.

I rarely showered here, but if I did, I’d borrow one of Tae’s shirts. But I hadn’t spoken to him in ages, I didn’t want to impose myself on him. Well, we might have spoken last night, I couldn’t exactly remember.

Jimin was sat there staring at me as I thought about what to do.

“Jimin, I can’t leave here looking like this.”

He snorted. “You think?” I threw him a dirty look, but before I could respond, Jin came out, a smile on his face. Except it wasn’t his usual warm smile. It was a forced smile. Namjoon followed him in, eyeing me carefully.

“Oh good, you’re up!” Jin exclaimed. “Why don’t you go shower? I think Jungkook’s still asleep, so use his. Oh, and just borrow one of his shirts and shorts.”

I narrowed my eyes. Why is he sending me to Jungkook’s room, not Tae’s? And why does it feel like they’re hiding something from me?

“OK...”, I said slowly, getting up. I turned around and started to walking to the stairs. I could swear I heard a sigh of relief behind me. I was just about to start to climb up, when a door from upstairs swung open.

And out walked Taehyung and Krystal. He was wearing nothing but shorts and she was wrapped in his duvet, with probably nothing on underneath.

I stared at him and he stared at me. II turned around to face Jimin, Jin and Namjoon helplessly. All three looked away. Krytsal had stayed the night with Taehyung?

It was actually slowly coming back to me...That’s why I was on the sofa and not Tae’s bed.

I took a shaky breath, and I heard her annoying, high-pitched voice from upstairs. “Oooh!”, she squealed. “Tae tae look at y/n! Hey y/n, did you have a wild night too?” I looked at her in disbelief and she winked.

I stoically turned around to face the three boys again. I didn’t even look at Taehyung. “You know what”, I muttered, “I think I’ll go home and sort myself out.”

Taehyung must have tried to go after me because I heard Krystal say “Let her go babe.” She was back to controlling him. And he was back to doing whatever he fuck she said.

I heard Hoseok turn the music off from upstairs.

“Y/n”, Namjoon spoke, putting himself between me and the front door. “Stay. She’ll be gone soon, ok? You can freshen up here, you’ll feel a lot better for it.”

“What the fuck is she doing here?”, I growled, low enough for those two not to hear. Namjoon just shrugged. He didn’t look too happy about it- neither did Jimin and Jin.

“Y/n, you’re up!” Hoseok pushed passed Taehyung and came bounding down the stairs. Krystal was still stood there, lips pursed. She was probably wanting the boys attention- like THAT was gonna happen.

“Hey Hobi”, I smiled despite the persistent headache. “Jungkook’s up if you wanna shower.” I nodded to him, still smiling. I loved how he was acting like everything was normal.

But why was everyone telling me to use his shower? Then it hit me- they just didn’t want me using theirs. Understandably so.

He leaned in and whispered “Boy, you’ve seen better days”,and I laughed, hitting him lightly. “Shut it.”

I turned to Namjoon. “OK. I’ll shower here.” He nodded, looking pleased with himself.

At the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think ‘Where is Yoongi?’

I ran upstairs, realising how sore my feet actually were. Krystal had gone back into Taehyung’s room, thank god, but he was still stood there looking like a lost god damn puppy.

“Y/n-ah you need clothes?”, he asked. “No thanks”, I curtly replied. I could feel his eyes on me as I brushed passed him, and went straight to Jungkook’s door.

I knocked twice. “Come in!”

I burst in and shut the door behind me, my eyes closed in relief at getting away from Taehyung’s guilty gaze. “Woah didn’t know we were inviting a clown over”, I heard him chuckle.

I was just about to tell him to do one, but I opened my eyes I was met by Jungkook sitting up in bed. Shirtless. I immediately turned away, my cheeks growing hot. “Sorry! Hoseok said you were up!”

“I am up.” He laughed, getting out of his bed. I kept my back to him. It wasn’t like Jungkook to be so chill about this kind of thing, which is why I reacted the way I did.

I felt his breath on my neck, which is how I knew he was right behind me. “Are you just gonna stand there staring at the ground, or are you gonna pick something to wear?”, he whispered. I shivered at the feeling.

I walked to his wardrobe. “All right style guru, what you got?” He laughed followed me, opening the door of the wardrobe. He took out black shorts.“Take these, they’re too small for me”, he explained. Then he grabbed one of his many white tee shirts. “This is gonna be a bit baggy on you, but it’ll do the job”, he smiled.

“Thank you”, I smiled. He just nodded, ushering for me to go shower already. I went in, and stopped dead at what I saw in the mirror. “OH MY GOD, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!”, I shrieked. I heard all the boys downstairs, and Jungkook next door laughing at me.

I looked a mess. God bless them for not downright saying it. I scrubbed my face hastily until the skin was raw. That’s better. I then went into the shower, groaning quietly at the soothing hot water.

I used Jungkook’s shampoo, smiling at the smell. This was Jungkook’s scent, and it provided me with a great sense of comfort. I stayed in the shower until I felt clean, towelled myself dry, and threw on Jungkook’s clothes.

So comfortable. I smiled to myself. I might keep these.

I walked out to find his room empty. I just dumped my dress on the floor of his room. He wouldn’t mind, and I’d pick it up later. He was downstairs with the rest of the guys. Predictably, Yoongi and Taehyung weren’t there.

As I walked in, I heard Jin asking “When did he get here?” Namjoon just shrugged in response.

“When did who get here?” I asked, making all of them whip their heads round to look at me. I noticed Jungkook looking me up and down before simply replying “Yoongi.”

Shit. Yoongi was here?

I didn’t want to see him. I couldn’t let him see me in Jungkook’s clothes, he would flip. And him and Jungkook could end up fighting again.

“Oh”, I simply said. They were all still staring at me. “What?”

Jimin shook his head and Hoseok quickly replied “Nothing.”

I shrugged and looked at Jin. “Do we have anything edible because I am starving.” Jin smiled. “Say no more.” I giggled, reaching for my phone, only to find I had left it upstairs.

“Oh shoot, let me just go and grab my phone.” Jin nodded as I ran up the stairs, two at a time. Taehyung coincidentally left his room as I was coming up the stairs.

“Y/n-ah, please can we talk?” He sounded like he was pleading with me.

“Not now”, I brushed him off. He followed me still. I sighed, knowing how stubborn Taehyung could be. Krystal must have gone, because otherwise he wouldn’t be talking to me.

I walked into Jungkook’s room and froze. There he was, staring at the black dress I had left on the floor. Yoongi.

I gasped involuntarily, causing him to turn around. I took a step back at the sheer anger in his eyes.

“Did you sleep with Jungkook?” he growled.

It was all I could do to not scream when he lunged at me.


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