fated❤ 2. sight seeing in Taiwan

2. Sight seeing in Taiwan


" The day before when Mark checked in at the Hotel he ask for some sight seeing  tour so he wouldn't  be so bored at this place. He remembered some places he visited with his family when he was a kid but not much so he wanted to take advantage  now"

"Good morning.."

Hotelier: "Good morning  Mr. Tuan. How may I help you this morning?" 

"I asked for some sight seeing tour yesterday and I was going to be informed about it today I just wanted to know when it will  happen?"

"Sure sir. I will let you know of as soon everything's ready usually  it starts at 10:00 am so you still have about 2 hours."

"Ok so I will go for breakfast and walk around  the area while I wait ok".

"OK sir."

Mark start walking towards the breakfast buffet at the hotel..picks some eggs and toast, and some fruits too. Walks over to a table sits and enjoy his breakfast listening  to some soft music not to loud to his ears, he still can hear people talking clearly..As he was eating, suddenly  he remembered  the incident yesterday at the airport. And stop for a second  to check up his thoughts  again. He sigh and nods his head.

" I am sure I have never seen him before" he tells himself. "But why I felt like... aah whatever, sure I won't see him again". ...he keeps eating.


Jackson Walks to the breakfast  area where Mark  was eating. Most people where  already finished  so the area was pretty clear. Jackson  picks some food and looks around  for a spot where to eat peacefully. He spots someone else eating by the plants in the center, but he walks to the other side away from that person.. he just wants  to be alone


" Mr. Tuan... the tour guide  is here"

Mark is deep in to his thoughts  by the pool can't hear what she said.

"Mr. Tuan.. the tour guide is here.."

"Oh okay..I will be there thanks."

Mark greets the tour guide.. she informs him that they will visit some historical places. He agrees to it.

They get to the place and Mark's starts looking around  in amusement. He takes lots of pictures  of spots that he likes. He focus his camera in a spot that he likes looking to a view with beautiful landscape and there ..there was someone, he can see his face clearly with the lens of the camera zoomed in. He takes off the camera from his eye and looks at him.

Jackson is looking  around  the place in awe as well. He takes picture with his phone and smiles, And check his pictures smiling.


" I find this place more beautiful now than last time I was here.. hehe strange. May be is because I was younger and didn't care.."


" That person? Isn't he the guy who crash on me at the airport?" ...And pouts his lips as if he wasn't  sure.

 He keeps taking pictures with Jackson in it.. he smiles and takes picture of Jackson  taking pictures, looking at his phone, looking up and around. Then, Jackson spots him taking pictures..Mark takes a picture with Jackson  looking  straight  to the viewfinder..

 " oops I think he noticed, lets keep taking pictures looking to some place else."  Smiles.

"was he taking pictures of me?"

He walks towards  Mark.

" Oh oh.. he is coming this way.. let's walk around the palace.. " and walks faster.

Mark hides when Jackson gets closers. Mark is able to see him very close but Jackson didnt..

" Yes ..that's the same guy from the airport.. tks.. what a coincidence..." he tells himself.

"Where did he go?" Jackson ask himself looking  puzzled  around the palace.

TG: "let's go to some other place I have arranged  and then we could go back to the hotel..."

"sounds good..let's go.."









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