BaeBum Wednesday

Hey guys sorry I havent been on lately, the madness has begun as the semester is coming to a close so i ask that you guys be patient with me and ill try to post as much as i can when i can. Also don't think i forgot i will have BamBam's oneshot up tomorrow and I even decided to do one for Junior as well so make sure to stay tune for that. With all that being said lets get started.

Yall just don't understand how much this man kills me everyday and everytime i see him. Literally everything he does gets to me. A look, a smile ,wink. It can anything really. It should be a crime for someone to be this freaking sexy ..all the time. JaeBum why must you touch your neck like that...huh? Why must you make my heart go into overdrive like this!? So disrespectful!


Can we pleae talk about these glasses!? Jaebum always wear glasses please because you look so grown up and cute..during the video with all the jumping and bouncing they were doing I thought that maybe his glasses would come over but they didn't. lol

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Name is Liyah. Some of my favorite groups are IKON, GOT7, EXO, Monsta x, Seventeen, Twice, and Pentagon. I'm mutli-fandom and always looking for new friends and new groups/artist.
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