Anime or Commercial? Cardfight G

Today on Anime or Commercial we're going to talk about one of my favorites. Cardfight G!

I'll forewarn you now I do not dislike this anime at all...I hate it! More so I'm disappointed in it. I'll give you my points and if you disagree or want to share your opinion please leave a comment :D


This anime does it's animation FLAWLESSLY when the cards are fighting it's just a breath of fresh air to see them trade blows and really get at each other. I appreciate how this anime handles fights fluidly and nothing is lost in translation...except the fight? I'll explain.

See while the animation is cool, there was actually nothing wrong with how the animation was displayed in the first place. Essentially they improved on an area that was fine to begin with and because they focus TO MUCH on the animation of the fight, the core of the CARD GAME is lost. So fights can feel heavily one sided when you are not given all the information like in the past so you can't expect a different outcome than the cliche one. Hopefully other companies notice this and don't follow this example.


INTEODUCING TEAM TRY FIGHTERS! Oh my bad Team try 3. The three main characters are boooooooorrrrriiiinnng like snooze fest boring. Not one NOT ONE of these characters has any proper motivation or reason to Cardfight NOR do they have a goal to aspire to. They literally do it just because. Which is cool right? No :| it's not. Because then I can't get emotionally invested in any of them to care about actually watching what's on the screen. Nutshell Chrono fights because his aunt said no. Shion fights to prove he doesn't half ass everything. Tokoha fights to get out of her brothers shadow, which is the better of the 3 until she wines and complains all the time about it.

Main Antagonist: Yuichirou Kanzaki

Luckily you can count on G's repetitive nature of disappointing you to not care about the MA. He also has a BORING motivation which is to create his dream card.................Dude seriously? Hit up TCO's cardmaker call it a day. Seriously though his motivation is to make the ultimate card which is known as the Depend card to do this he forces his fighters under his united sanctuary branch to rigorously fight to become the strongest, this syphons your stride force tiring you out after the fight...I dunno maybe the creator watches Season 3 of GX one to many times.


Already mentioned Kanzaki fake to real card beats up his clientele, the problem is the road to get there. To even participate they have to each become grade 3's this allows participation for tournaments. But each episode is as random as the last making me feel that the anime itself is one big filler until certain episodes arise which blows because you have to rut through about 48 episodes of nonsense before you can get to the plot.

Ultimately it's a commercial a very bad one at that. I'm sure many wanted this to soar the heavens because of the sweet send off to our favorite characters and anime series. While it left me angry and disappointed at the end of the day there is room for improvement, it may be a long road but I have confidence in Cardfight that it will get better.... or at least I did before the second season.

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