3 Carly Rae Jepsen Tracks That Get You

No, not Call Me Maybe.

Carly actually has some seriously delicious pop tracks for you to 100% relate to. Her latest album is pop magic and deserves your attention.

Below are three songs I could really relate to at least at some point in my life, and hope that they can mean something to you too!

Run Away With Me

Up in the clouds, high as a kite, over the city, city We never sleep, we never tried, when you are with me, with me I wanna stay I wanna stay here with you

Boy Problems

Finally gotta let it go She said to me on the phone So tired of hearin' all your boy problems It could be the perfect day You'll just make it rain anyway So tired of hearin' all your boy problems

Your Type

I used to be in love with you You used to be the first thing on my mind I know I'm just a friend to you That I will never get to call you mine

Anyone else like CRJ for more than just Call Me Maybe? (don't say you hate that song, come on!)

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