He didn't~ Chapter 6

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Length: 2322 words

Warning: Intimacy, Swearing, Depression

Summary: He was my everything, but to him we were nothing.

Part: 6/?

Yoongi grabbed my shoulders and shook me viciously. “Answer me!” I closed my eyes tight and took it, not expecting Taehyung to do anything.

“Yah!”, Taehyung yelled. “Let her go!” Despite the fear, I felt a slight wave of relief at the fact that he had said something.

“Taehyung, fuck off”, Yoongi growled. I realised he was speaking quietly so the others wouldn’t hear.

“No!”, Taehyung yelled, grabbing my wait and trying to pry me away from him. “You two aren’t together anymore, you can’t do this!”

I simultaneously tried to push Yoongi away, and to my surprise he let go. When I looked at his face, I realised he hadn’t let go because I had pushed him hard- he was just in shock that I had pushed him.

No matter how angry he got, I would always stay quiet and let him rant and yell and throw things- but that was when we were together.

“Fuck you and your double standards Min Yoongi!” I yelled. I felt Taehyung slowly let go of me. He must have been just as shocked, seeing as I never shouted, unless I was really excited about something.

“When we were in a relationship, you could fuck Suzy behind my back, but now that we aren’t, the very notion of me and Jungkook gets you angry!?”

“Yes! Yes it does godamnit!” He roared. Me and Taehyung both stepped back a little. The vein in his temple was throbbing, and that was never a good sign.

“Tae, leave”, I muttered. I could handle his tantrums. But Taehyung stayed by my side. “No, you pabo.” He replied simply.

I could hear a commotion downstairs, and then heavy footsteps running up the stairs.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Jungkook roared, bursting in, almost colliding with Taehyung.

He stopped in front of me, so Yoongi could no longer see me.

“You sleep with her and ask me what I’m doing?” Yoongi yelled back. I clenched my fists. Yoongi just wasn’t seeing that he was in the wrong, again.

“I didn’t fucking sleep with her. She spent the night on the sofa alone”, he looked pointedly at Tae, who nervously looked at the floor. “She used my shower this morning you assuming inconsiderate fuck!”

Both boys were breathing heavily, staring daggers. Finally, Yoongi slumped his shoulders in defeat.

“Y/n, I’m sorry”, he apologised weakly. “I-i can’t stand you being with anyone else. I love you.”

It was confirmed. Min Yoongi was bat shit crazy.

“Y/n-ah, go downstairs”, Taehyung ordered. I looked at him questioningly. He looked absolutely livid- his face had turned an unhealthy shade of red.

“Uh...why?” I whispered. I was trying to hide myself behind Jungkook, so Yoongi couldn’t see me.

“Can’t we talk y/n?”, Yoongi interjected, pleading with me.

“No”, Jungkook answered firmly for me. My eyes were still on Taehyung, because honestly, he looked like he was about to punch Yoongi.

“Everytime you ‘talk’”, he quoted the word ‘talk’, “To her you end up almost hurting her. You did it now, you did it last night, you did it the day b-”

“Wait, what?” I interrupted Jungkook. “Last night?”

Jungkook sighed as Yoongi stared at him coldly, knowing that was Jungkook was about to tell me wasn’t exactly going to be music to my ears.

“He almost hit you outside the club y/n. Me and Namjoon got to you just in time.” Taehyung looked equally as shocked. I suppose he must have been busy with her majesty to even know what was happening with me.

Not that I was bitter- which I totally wan’t. If he wanted to wreck his life all over again, he was more than welcome to. This time, I wouldn’t be there to pick up the pieces.

“You were at the club?”, even as I asked him, it was slowly coming back to me. Suzy. Him. The Bartender. Shouting. Yoongi and me in the street. Namjoon and Jungkook. The car journey.

“Oh my god”, I whispered. I stepped back, and Yoongi looked over Jungkook to me, the concern evident in his eyes. He knew Jungkook wouldn’t let him come near me, so he stayed where he was and called out “Y/n. I would never hurt you.”

I scoffed as I turned on my heel and walked away, all intentions to get my phone forgotten. “Y/n!” Yoongi shouted. I walked faster. “Let me go Jungkook!” I heard.

I didn’t realise Taehyung was behind me until I turned around at the top of the stairs.

“Did he hurt you when you were together?” He bluntly asked me. Tae never did have a filter. I looked down. The boys were stood there, staring up at me.

“No”, I shook my head. “H-he shouted. Screamed. Broke things. Punched walls. But he never hit me. He wouldn’t...”

I sounded like I was trying to convince myself.

Suddenly I jumped at the sound of Yoongi’s voice. “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO STOP ME?!”

My eyes widened. Jungkook might get hurt because of me. I was about to turn back, stupidly or not, but Taehyung used his arm as a barrier.

“Move!” I ordered. “Can’t you hear them fighting?”

“Y/n”, Namjoon and Jin called at the same time. “Don’t go near him”, Namjoon murmured. He’s hell when he’s angry.”

“We’’l deal with it”, Jin assured me. The two men came upstairs, and me and Taehyung moved out the way to let them pass. It took about two more minutes for the shouting to die down.

Jin and Yoongi came out of Jungkook’s room, and Jin marched him straight to his own room. He even shut the door on Yoongi’s face as he stood there staring at me.

“I can’t believe this”, I said to Jin. “He never gets this mad. Ever!” I knew Yoongi could hear me through his thin door.

“Y/n, I believe him when he says he still loves you”, I felt Taehyung tense at Jin’s words. “But he doesn’t want to admit he made a big mistake.”

Taehyung just snapped. “He can’t get over the fact that she broke up with him.” I took a side glance at Taehyung- he looked less angry now, thank god.

Namjoon emerged to tell us Jungkook had calmed down, and then proceeded to go back down. Jin smiled at me and followed him. When Taehyung didn’t move, I looked at him.

“What?” he asked.

“What ‘what’?” I replied. “Aren’t you going down?”

He put a hand out. “Ladies first.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m just gonna check on Jungkook”, I spoke quietly, wary of Yoongi in his room.

Taehyung violently shook his head. “No. What if he comes out?”

I rolled my eyes again. “I’ll call you to save the day”, I said sarcastically. He looked a bit hurt by that so I gave him a small smile, and squeezed his hand lightly.

I hated the fact that seeing Taehyung sad made me forget my annoyance and anger. Ah well- it would all come back the next time I saw him and Krystal.

I walked passed him and knocked on Jungkook’s door. Once. Twice. Three times. Still no reply.

I slowly opened his door and peeked in. He was standing facing away from me, staring out of his window. “Jungkook?”, I called out quietly.

He turned at the sound of my voice. The anger dissipated and was replaced by concern.

“I’m sorry”, I whispered.

He looked at me, not understanding.

“I shouldn’t have left the dress there”, I explained. He sighed.

“Y/n, you can’t go apologising on his behalf for every god damn thing. That isn’t what this is about. This is about his fucked up paranoia and not wanting to let you go. Besides, he shouldn’t have been in my room anyways.”

I nodded slowly, at what he said. He wasn’t mad, thank god. But he wasn’t happy either.

I walked to him slowly, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Jungkook, what’s wrong?” I jumped as I heard a loud crash and a scream from Yoongi’s room. He was in a rage.

Jungkook turned to face me fully. “I just..”, he faltered before trying again. “I hate the way he thinks he still has control on you. I hate that. I hate the way he treats you. I hate when he even looks at you.” He paused before adding “ I hate the fact that you were his.”

I stared at him, my hand still on his shoulder. My lips were slightly parted as I stared at him in shock. I suddenly remembered something else form last night.

“Jungkook”, I whispered. I didn’t want this beautiful moment to end.

“I remember what you said last night”, I smiled at him. I bit my lip before adding. “And let me tell you, you are totally my kind of guy.”

He smiled and leaned in, hesitantly snaking his hand around my waist to pull me in closer. I instinctively gripped his shoulder tighter.

He bent down until his forehead was touching mine. The grin on his face made me smile. He whispered “good” and finally placed his lips on mine.

I sighed at the sensation- Jungkook was a surprisingly good kisser. Soon he was ravishing me, sucking and biting on my bottom lip, and I absolutely loved it. I revelled in the feeling..

In fact, the only reason I broke away from the kiss was because another sudden outburst from Yoongi’s room startled me. I looked at Jungkook, panting quietly. He was staring at my face carefully, probably to see if I regretted it. Which I didn’t.

He gently moved his thumb across my sore lips, and the loving smile on his face was making me melt slightly.

“Y/n!”, I heard Jin call out. “Food!”

“Coming!” I yelled back. I gave him one last smile, not knowing what to do, and headed out the room. Despite feeling like shit, I had a small smile plastered on my face as I went downstairs.

“You alright?”, Jimin mumbled with a mouthful of food. I nodded at him, stuffing my own mouth- I was starving.

My eyes scanned the room and locked with Taehyung’s. He was staring at me weirdly, his head tilted to the side. I realised what he was staring at pretty quickly- my lips.


I quickly licked the crumbs off them and shoved more food in my mouth to try and disguise the swelling somehow. I could feel his gaze on me.

I finished as quick as I could. It must have been late morning by now. “I should get going. So much to do. Thanks for the food Jin. And thanks for putting up with me last night guys...I promise I won’t be that stupid next time.”

They all laughed, except Taehyung. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep”, Hoseok chuckled, and I grinned at him sheepishly. “Oh yeah, Hoseok. Dance tomorrow?” He nodded, beaming at me.

“Er, tell Jungkook I said bye”, I said hastily to no one in particular, as I scanned the show rack. To my dismay, the only thing here that belonged to me was the hells from last night.

Fuck’s sake.

I sighed and put them on. I must have looked like a joke. I was about to say ‘bye’ one last time, but I heard Jungkook calling my name.

“I’m by the door!”, I called out. He rushed in holding my dress and jacket in one hand and my phone in the other.

“Ah thank you!”

I had completely forgotten about my things like the idiot I was. I took them from him, checking my keys were still in the jacket pocket, which they were.

“Shall I walk you home?” He asked. I heard Taehyung call out. “No Jungkook you can’t- you said you’d help me out with these notes.” I frowned slightly. Taehyung was acting strange. Well, stranger than usual.

He shrugged in defeat and threw a scowl in Taehyung’s direction, making me laugh. “I’ll see you tomorrow, study buddy”, I winked.

“Tomorrow?” He questioned. I usually had all day lectures, so I didn’t come round, but I was missing them tomorrow. Not like I’d be able to concentrate.

“Yeah it’s just a revision session, so I’m not going in. Me and Hobi are gonna dance, then I’ll probably drop by.” He nodded. “See you then.”

The walk home killed me. I vowed to never wear those stupid heels ever again. I finally made it, taking twice as long as usual, and flopped down on the sofa. Today would be dedicated to studying.

I decided that would be my personal punishment for last nights stupidity. I stayed in Jungkook’s clothes- something about them was so comforting, I loved it.

I think I dozed off around 8:00 pm after filling my stomach with all the junk food I could find. Jin would not approve.

I checked my phone and groaned. It was just past midnight. I had fucked up my sleeping schedule now, just when exams were around the corner.

The notification were the usual. Random shit in the group chat, few missed calls from Taehyung, many from Yoongi and a text from Jungkook. I smiled slightly, opting to open his text.

The smile turned into a look of pure horror as the text opened. It was an image that made me sick to my stomach. It was a selfie of Suzy and Jungkook.

She was holding the phone. His phone.

Jungkook was sleeping- he looked passed out in fact, and she was grinning like there was no tomorrow. But that wasn’t what made me want to throw- up.

It was the fact that they were both naked.

I had trusted Jungkook with my feelings. Yet he had fucked me over. And that hurt me more than Yoongi ever did.

I sat there, hugging my knees and did what I did best. I cried myself back to sleep. Back into a restless oblivion.


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