Live With Kelly Drama: The Replacements

With Michael Strahan's supposed impromptu exit from the highest rated daytime talk show, since Oprah's exit from television, to work full-time on ABC's "Good Morning America," Kelly Ripa has been a no-show, leaving insiders to speculate that she won't return until she "feels like it," which may only be as early as next week.

The drama unfolded when, according to Ripa, Strahan announced his departure without any notice. To make matters worse, it was Strahan's presence on the show that kept the peace between Ripa and 30-year show producer, David Gelman.

Sources claim the two were virtually not on speaking terms because of the bad blood. However, when Strahan arrived on Live!, he was the one that got everyone to calm down and chill. With Strahan out and Ripa a no-show, EVERYONE's been speculating who will be replacing Strahan. Even Oprah's bestie, Gayle King, couldn't help herself from promoting the idea of Bravo's, Andy Cohen, to take the helm along side his gal pal, Ripa.

But not so fast, because, Anderson Cooper may be sliding in to Strahan's chair, which wouldn't be a bad thing since he too, is a long-time friend and cohort of Ripa. Things start to get sticky, only because both Cohen and Cooper had a bit of a falling-out. Apparently, and you can Google this, the two vacationed together in Brazil. According to Cooper, the get-away was a "disaster."

Who do you think will take Strahan's place? One of these guys? Somebody else?

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