Attack on Titan at Universal Studios Japan!

I was in Osaka recently, and paid a quick visit to Universal Studios Japan!!! And you know what they have there?

A TITAN!!!!!

Look how giant that wall is!!!

Of course, I had to take a quick selfie in front of it :D Impending Titan attack or not, I had to try it!

The actual ride that I went on for Attack on Titan was a 4D show! So it's like those shows where you sit down and wear 3D glasses and your seat moves and stuff!! I won't tell you the whole plot of it (and it was all in Japanese so I didn't understand it all XD), but basically YOU GOT TO FIGHT TITANS!

I couldn't take pictures in there, so instead I'll just share pictures of the things you could buy outside in this area!! There were tons of people in the park wearing this gear!

They also sold these little head band chibis! You could have someone hanging out on your head :D

And most importantly: "Sandwich made with the ham that sasha stole and a potato" XD

Too good!!

Am I a writer? Still deciding..
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