Color Formula: Dark Hair to Pink Hair

The only other alternative is using a high lift dye

The color you see on the box model will not be your hair color! It really depends on what color of dye you choose to get the result you want.

We'll be using the same concept today to get pink hair.

The Formula:

Satin High Lift Dye 12hlv

2. Semi Permanent Color of your choice. To get pink ombre, use Pravana Vivid Pink and Pravana Pastel Pink and blend from midshaft to the ends. The top should be a darker shade and the ends should be a lighter shade. Or You can do a sombre, and mix two color together like a dip dye. Look at the picture above as an example.

Blending tip:


- Everyone's hair condition is different so result may vary.

- Always do a patch test first!


Will high lift color work on colored hair?

No, lifting your hair color only works on virgin hair not artificial color. If you hair is already dyed high lifting won't be effective. You can always erase your artificial color with a dye remover. Although, I do recommend going to a professional!

Can you get pastel hair after you get a high lift blonde?

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If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below or leave a question at the community talk! I'll try to answer them!

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