Make A Fist. Then Read This Card.

So I just learned about something cool today called Kobushi Shindan. Have any of you heard about it?

Kobushi Shindan (literally, 'fist analysis' in Japanese) is an ancient samurai personality test. All you need to do to take it is make a fist!


So make a fist, any fist, and find out what your personal fist form says about you!

Fist #1: Your thumb rests on your index finger.

natural leadershelping othersa bit insecureextremely devotedput others before yourselfnot necessarily good at words,

Fist #2: Your thumb rests in the middle of your fist.

free-spiritwide range of talentsafraid to try new thingsamount of friends you consider close is considerably smallerhard for you to begin romantic relationshipskind and sociable nature

Fist #3: You tuck your thumb underneath fingers.

introvertedsensitive and private personfriends you do have are extremely close and loyalhate conflictvery attentive in your romantic relationships

So which fist did you guys get? Do you think Kobushi Shindan has got you all figured out, or are there some things you disagree with?

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