Friendly Reminder: Women Demand Respect Because ...

It's easy to fall into the trap. That a woman is someone's mother, someone's child, someones sister, his girlfriend, so when they are doing something you don't seem "correct", as long as you remind yourself of those "human" traits, you can stop judging and disrespecting her. But a women's connection to someone else matters just about as much as how short her skirt is or how many people she's slept with. The idea that you should respect a woman because she is anything but another human being is one of the most telling problems of gender inequality. Women should ALWAYS have your respect, not because of her connection to someone, but because she IS a someone.

Think of it this way, when a man does anything wrong or "socially incorrect" the defense is "well boys will be boys." Not; don't judge too hard, he's someone's son. Sounds stupid when it's reversed huh?

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