Makeup Artist Draws Kim Kardashian On Her Chin

If you think Michael Jordan crying meme is hilarious, the Kim Kardashian one is twice as funny. As much as we love Kim K, she will never get out of this one -- ever. Let's be honest, her cry was monumental and quite hideous -- then again, who really has a lovely looking smile anyway? While Michael Jordan has been getting the most shine lately for his crying meme, it didn't take long before someone came along and put the infamous Kim Kardashian meme on the map.

You've seen it on blogs, you've seen it on cellphones, and you've even seen it on shirts, but have you ever seen it on someone's chin? If not, today happens to be your lucky day. A talented makeup artist decided it would be cool if she drew cry baby Kim on her chin and believe it or not, it actually came out looking rather amazing. You cannot tell me that makeup is not a form of art. Laura Jenkinson is a makeup artist known for recreating images on her chin using her ever so amazing makeup skills and if you thought this was pretty awesome, just wait until you see her Donald Trump drawing -- yikes. In the meantime, keep scrolling and check out the images below.

How epic is this? Looks just like Kim.


Of course, you can't have Kim without Kylie and her new lips.

Amazing! Looks just like Jay-Z. Big lips and all.

He has that same sinister look he always has on his face.

Donald Gump.

Ooops, I mean't Trump.

Hey Everyone, look it's Finn from Adventure Time!

And of course, I had to save the best for last and for@alywoah. Tacos!

How amazingly odd are these works of art?

Which one is your favorite?


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