Don't believe this guy.

@Minekidz@Sara3@JacobRandallssd@MishiiYukiko@Kirik@TreverMoon@Thatperson512@NikolasSatterwh@JackiStyles@DamienSky@arnelli@JakeErter@OctoberHymns@ZombieDragon@Alcides13@NikolasSatterwh@Qucifer@MishiiYukiko@Thatperson512@KeeganMayfield@ivannbro@tbell2@DamienSky@OctoberHymns@Anonym@DOislifeExoL@sanRico@GodouKusanagi@Kirik@MelissaMiku@JakeErter@Dlopez031113@Alcides13 Don't fall for this Jay guy that keeps coming up with these drawings, he's only seeking attention. If you don't believe me take any of his pictures that he posted and go on and reverse image search it like I did. I'm not doing this to be a bully I'm doing this to keep plagiarism off of vingle.

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