Should Yankees Slow Start Cause Concern?

This was not the start the Yankees were expecting in 2016.

Close to 15 games in and the Yanks at 5-9. Should this cause concern for the front office?

While the Yankees have equaled their worst record through 14 games during the past four decades, they've previously managed to reach the postseason in such situations (1997,2005.)

With that being said, this is a different group of guys and the climate of the division is different.

The Yankees can barely hit with runners in scoring position -- or in pretty much any other situation. They are averaging 2.25 runs per game in their last eight. The offense has to get better, but is that promised? There are a lot of older guys here, so who knows if there is going to be a drop off in production.



Should the Yankees be concerned with their slow start?

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