This Rocket League Play is Amazing, Breathtaking, and Incredible

I don't know what to call people who play this game, so I'll refer to them as Rocket Leaguer's from now on. Anyway, this one Rocket Leaguer in particular, probably made one of the more insane shots I've ever seen happen in this game.

I'm no Rocket Leaguer but I do watch a lot of Rocket League Let's Plays and maybe you could call me the Marv Albert or Mike Breen of this game (that was a subtle/not-so-subtle sports commentator joke for those of you who aren't sportsmen). So seeing this play happen was amazing for me.

I wanted to scream "BANG" or "BOOM" or something a sports commentator would say when a team scores. It was amazing to watch, I couldn't believe it. I'm also going to assume that the Leaguer who made the goal wanted to do it this way on purpose. Because there are no accidents in sports. None. I've never seen one. Now go away.

What do you guys think of this play? Think you could make one just as good? Let me know in the comments below!


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