Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 3 -Criminal Escape-

________________________ Silver's eyes were glued to the road ahead- as was Sherlock Spot's. Tears glistened in his, while hers remained blank. All was silent, until someone wrapped their arm around Silver's neck. Silver began choking- the car spinning out of control as they headed toward a steep, overgrown-with-grass hill... "SILVER!" Spot shouted as she tried to wrench the criminal from her colleague's neck- seeing as she had left her gun back at the station. The car hit a boulder and tilted onto its side- an eerie creak emitting from the vehicle as it soon turned over. The criminal finally let go of the young man's neck and escaped... the screeching and grating of metal on metal rang in their ears... Silver hung limply- the only thing restraining him being his seatbelt. "S-Silver!..." Spot choked out and unbuckled herself- falling to the roof, but not caring as she tried to help her friend. She unbuckled him and caught him before his head hit the ceiling... blood was leaking from a small cut on his cheek... using her senses, Spot deduced- from the blood on a piece of the door- that he had been cut in the struggle... She spied a shred of glass nearby... it was rubbing against another piece- ready to spark at any moment... She looked up, too... gasoline was leaking from the top/bottom of the car... 'I've got to get us out of here, quickly...' She thought and heaved an unconscious Silver over her shoulder. Her ears ached from an unbearable amount of static, but still, she pressed on until she was standing outside of the broken car... The car began to cover itself in thick flames... among them, she thought she saw an ashen eye and a glittering axe, but she took it as the flames playing tricks on her... She rushed faster away from the car- determined to get her unconscious friend away from the car before it decided to explode... luckily, they were near the ditch that the car had jumped over... Ah, yes! She spotted it and rolled her friend down- soon following... The harsh sound of screeching metal rang again in her ears before the car exploded- sending various car-parts over their heads.... Silver awakened to the noise with a cough- his bi-color eyes soon opening to examine the scene before him... "S-Spot....? Did y-you... just sa-ave me?..." He choked out through frightened tears. The female slowly turned her head to him and nodded, her umber-brown hair glittering golden in the sun's afternoon rays. "I would never leave you, friend..."____ "Silver! Spot! What happened?!" "Get that man to an infirmary on the right-away!" Spot heard this as she limped into the HQ with her arm around her friend to steady him... soon, Silver was taken away from her and lead to an infirmary in the building... "Sherlock..." The chief stood beside her with his arm under hers, "I have something to discuss with you..." She was lead into her chief's office and given a brief chat. "What ever happened to you both?" "The criminal choked Silver and escaped... the evidence inside the car was destroyed- but thank God that it wasn't anything serious that was of valuable need." The man nodded with his hands behind his back, "I understand... you seem to be handling this case very well..." Spot sighed, "Not as well as you think, sir. I am just doing my best for the community." She planned to keep the... 'experiences'... secret. Who knows what could happen if taken into the wrong hands?_____ "Hey, Torch, you planning another 'surprise' for our victim?" An unbelievably pale-white killer with a cut-in smile laughed maliciously at another killer nearby. A homicidal with a yellow gas-mask and one ashen eye nodded while smirking- though nobody could tell. They were in a regular building- nothing fancy... but what changed was they were underground... by underground, I mean in the basement... The one with an ashen eye, also called 'Torch' nodded again while placing one hand on a pipe filled with cold water... He had only one arm- his other one was just a stub from the elbow up... 'Was' is the keyword here- for right before their eyes, out of nowhere, ash and embers gathered around his stub-for-an-arm... They formed and blurred until they looked just like his other arm... With a malicious cackle, the fire-like creepypasta placed his other hand on the metal with his eye growing brighter... Soon, and very soon, screams and cries were heard from above... "Let's go see what damage you did..." The forever-smiling one suggested while walking up toward an open door... Following him closely, the killer whom caused all the ruckus chuckled... He wore a red lumberjack-like shirt- which the sleeves were torn and burnt up at the ends... His green, long-sleeved shirt looked no better... It, too, was burnt up at the ends to reveal grey-blackened skin... Finally, the two killers crept to the back of the house- where a fire had started from presumably the bathroom... A burning corpse lay among all the commotion... Torch burst into maniacal laughter- as did the pale one... "Jeff, this is the most fun I've had in YEARS!" Torch wheezed through his laughter- smoke and ash billowing out of his mask. Sirens were heard in the distance- and the reaction of the two killers was extraordinarily fast... They ran out the back door and escaped- jumping over a fence into the darkness of the day...____ "Spot! Another murder has taken place!" One of the members of the police reported to the young female detective. "What is it now?" She sighed and lie back in her chair. The policeman continued, "A fire and some fingerprints.... We believe we know whom the murderer is..." Spot then sat up in her chair and leaned over her desk, "Please, kindly give me the files." The officer obeyed and handed the detective the files- and in turn, she saluted him and waved him out of her office. As she was examining said files, her eyes scrolled upon one that didn't belong to the case- at all... it was a picture of an overly-tall man with no face... he wore a pitch-black tuxedo with a bright-red tie... he was standing near a dead body- or should she say THE dead body... the dead body of the guy with a cigarette addiction... Her mind began to drift and wander about... 'How did this get into these other files?...' She simply narrowed her eyes and stuffed the odd picture into her back-pocket while continuing to examine the evidence... the boy's name was Jacob... nobody knew his last name, and/or any other information about him... Well, except for the fact that his family hated him and left him to die in a car... after that, everything else was erased- burned, they say... "This guy presumably didn't want to be found...." Spot mumbled while placing a hand on her chin. Her eyes ran over a picture of the scene- it was old... probably from around 1999 or something... 'No,' she countered, 'If it were that old, the picture would be wrinkled and dusty... I conclude that this picture had been taken somewhere around a few years back with a black-and-white camera...' And of course, she was right...

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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