Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 4 -Learning about a Killer-

________________________ The young, female detective's eyes scrolled over the burnt down house of the second victim... well, third, if you consider Silver's father... then again, who knows if the man actually attempted to kill him and failed? "Just be ready for a call from your family, Silver." She warned with a smile. Since Silver had no... drivable vehicle, he had been given permission from Spot herself to use her own car- which she never used because she much preferred to be a pedestrian. Anyways, Sherlock picked her way over the many pieces of broken wood and stone until she reached the middle of it all. "There's a burned corpse over there!" She pointed to her right. Her gaze then fell on a broken pipe- it was already churned up- probably touched by the police... 'That's where they got the fingerprints from.' She nodded her approval... but looking closer, she thought she saw a flake of something yellow on the ground... Applying some gloves to her hands, she then proceeded to pick the yellow substance up... it looked like a chip off something... 'Maybe from the house?... No, nothing yellow here...' She pondered on this for a moment, and that's when it all snapped into place- it came from the KILLER! "Silver!" She called and held up the thing in an iron grip. The boy rushed over while opening a bag. "What's that?" He inquired with an eyebrow raised. She placed it in front of his peripheral vision and smiled, "This, my dear Silver, is something from the killer..." With his eyes widened, he then proceeded to open the bag up more and allow her to place it inside. He then placed the bag into his pocket. Suddenly, he gasped and took something else out of his pocket- a phone... Raising it to his ear, he then spoke, "H-hello?" The tiny voice of his mom followed after- picked up by Sherlock's ears as she smiled and walked away to give him privacy. That's when her eyes fell upon something written on a tree... no, wait, something on one singular tree, but in a forest full of trees. She had to keep her eyes glued to the spot as she walked towards it and examined the scrawled writing... 'BURN' was all she could make out...____ A pale-white killer watched the female detective from up in a tree... His eyes were blank, and mouth drawn wide in a malicious smile... The girl was smart, he would admit that... any other detective would've looked over the yellow piece he knew Torch had dropped... Jeff, the killer, had thought wrong about her... He thought she would look it over- he KNEW she would, yet she didn't.... 'How can someone be this smart?' He marveled in his own thoughts. "Burn?...." He heard her confused voice judge the writing put there by Torch himself. He would kill her... no, he had to wait- too many viewers here to kill her in private... but he COULD draw her away... His smile widened even more at the thought of slaughtering her in cold blood... in the woods... 'She'd never be found...' He laughed inside his head... Slowly but steadily, he got off his branch and leaped over to another one- thankfully not triggering the girl's attention over to him... Then, he slid down the tree and stepped a few paces away before running JUST in the corner of her eye... Her head jerked to the side, he saw... She drew out her gun, but he could still manage to dodge her attacks... She followed where he was with her gun aimed forward. 'Closer... closer....' He ran again- this time she fired a bullet at him- but surely missed. He cackled evilly... He could see... What?! There was no fear in her eyes! 'That's no fun...' He thought with a scowl- or a half-scowl. His hand raised up, his knife gripped tightly... Then, he threw his knife at the girl- knocking the gun out of her hands. A gasp left her mouth as she glanced around for her weapon. 'Good, good... keep searching....' Another laugh left his mouth as a red glint sneaked its way into his pale-blue eyes... "Go... To...." He began while sneaking up behind her. She froze for a moment, but then countered, "Sleep? I know your game, killer...." This made Jeff freeze up, now... How dare she steal HIS phrase! "Taken aback, killer? Shouldn't be.... I know your little trick with the guy in the building... nice touch, adding a mauled woman into it..." He couldn't SPEAK! He was shaking and confused all over! "W-why y-y-you...." He stuttered out, but froze again as he found himself face-to-face with the end of a gun... The girl's dark-blue eyes narrowed as she studied him... 'Oh, no you don't...' He growled and swatted the gun away while glancing around wildly for his knife. A gunshot was fired, but he managed to dart out of the way just in time. 'The cops nearby will be here soon...' He thought. Thinking fast, he finally grabbed his knife and sprinted off into the forest. "CURSES!" Spot hissed and shot the ground in anger. 'He got away.... at least I had enough time to look at his eyes... the eyes tell everything...' The sound of loud footsteps came closer and closer. The girl held up her gun warily, but found no need to shoot- seeing as Silver burst into the clearing. "Spot!" He gasped and ran to her side- helping her up. She let out a cough before uttering, "H-he got aw-way..." Police officers now burst into the clearing. "G-go search the w-woods!" Spot ordered while waving them off. The officers left, and Silver took to carrying Spot to her car and placing her inside. "Where do you want to go? Anywhere but here..." He murmured while getting into the driver's seat. "T-the HQ..." She murmured back as Silver backed out of a parking-spot and drove away.____ "So... I have some good news, Spot..." Silver spoke as Spot walked out of her chief's office. "What's that, Silver?" She inquired. With a deep breath, Silver continued, "My father isn't dead... he's being taken home from the hospital as we speak." Sherlock's eyes lit up, "Excellent! Then that killer was the one whom probably TRIED to kill him in his sleep." Silver nodded his agreement and turned- inviting Spot to walk with him, to which she accepted the offer. "So far, we have two cases to solve-..." "No, I've already solved one of them." Spot interrupted with a smirk. Silver stopped and turned to her with his hands in his pockets. "Oh, really? Then do explain." "Tomorrow, Silver, tomorrow... right now, we need some sleep for tonight... I know it's around 9:30 in the morning, but I would rather show you at night, when there's a clearer example..." That said, they both headed out to Sherlock's red Mitsubishi Outlander.____ "You're sure you're okay with my sleeping at your place, Sherlock?... We're next-door neighbors...." Silver turned his wary, embarrassed gaze on Spot's smirk. "Of course, Silver. I trust you not to do anything bad." Silver's eyes widened with disbelief, "Why, I would never dream of it! If anything, I would be honored to spend the night in YOUR house." That said, Spot grabbed some pillows and blankets- tossing some to her beloved friend, and the two spent the night sleeping on the ground...

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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