Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 8 -Message, Message, on the Wall-

________________________ Spot's eyes studied over the written-in-blood words on her white wall in the hallway... "You will not.... there seems to be more of this..." Just as she said that, Mickey let out a cry from behind them and pointed over the staircase with a shaking finger. Spot's eyes followed and landed upon MORE words... "You will not... escape me..." Silver's eyes narrowed with suspicion, "Why write it in blood when we already know? It makes no sense..." Spot's gaze flicked over to Silver, "No, Silver, it makes PERFECT sense! I mean, they're 'Creepypasta', or murderers in other words... they torture." Sherlock now looked down to Mikayla, "Mickey, do you have any parents or guardians?" The girl shook her head, "N-no! Ed was all I had left, the Creepypasta killed my family... He had the smarts to keep us alive..." Spot shook her head with her eyes shut, "Horrible... I guess you have no other choice but to stay with us..." Her eyes widened with surprise, "M-me?... Sherlock Spot's kid?.... N-no way, really?" The female detective nodded with a smirk on her face, "Yes, but I won't be around much- I may be away for days on end because of business at the HQ, and I might bring you around to tag along..." The pre-teen's eyes widened and her mouth parted. "Y-you're serious!... I... I don't know what to say- thank you!" Detective Spot's smirk widened, "No problem." "Err, Spot?... There's more to the message!!!" Silver's shout attracted both females to run childishly down the stairs and to see Silver pointing at MORE bloody words! "Bloody Hell! No pun intended..." Spot muttered. Silver laughed and nudged his friend, "No pun taken, but now it looks like the Creepypasta know your name..." He was right! For written on the wall were the words, 'Sherlock Spot'. Spot's eyes narrowed, "We need to set a trap.... We need to catch one of them so we seem like a threat... it will most-likely put them into a rage, but if possible they will understand why we did it- payback- and will leave my 'family' alone._____ [Hello, people! I am the author of the story! I thought that you would be most-likely to read this if it were around smack-dab in the middle of the story! I realize, I've forgotten to show you what Spot looks like! Here- a treat from me to you!: Sherlock Spot reference sheet . I also know that I haven't revealed to you the identity of 'Silver'. I will do that as soon as I find the time to draw, seeing as I'm VERY busy with homeschooling myself, and taking care of my brother and mother. The next time you see one of these, you'll know it's me trying to talk to you and give information you might need! ^^ Back to the story with you, now!] _____ Meanwhile, one of the murderer's was listening intently to Spot's conversation... He looked sort of like Sonic the Hedgehog, but his eyes oozed blood, and his pupils copied those belonging to many other Creepypasta... The hedgehog smirked from behind the television screen, "Well, well, well... it seems we have some sort of anger against us... I'll be SURE to tell Slenderman..." He knew the people on the other side couldn't hear him- he was from a videogame, and could only come through the screen when his game was up and running... He sighed while shaking his head and teleporting back to his room in the Slender Mansion. His time was limited- Slender was planning to speak to his Proxies in a few minutes... The hedgehog ran down the long corridor of stairs- spiraling downward at a brisk pace until he reached the bottom and sprinted towards Slender's office- right next to the huge living-room. He poked his head into the boss's office, but he was nowhere in sight! He turned around, only to run into a Creepypasta. He looked up at the murderer before him- he wore a light green tunic and weird hat, looking a lot like Link... the murderer's eyes replicated his- black sockets with a red pupil and blood-leaking eyes... "Hello, BEN..." The hedgehog sniffed and tried to march past him, but 'BEN' pushed him back. "Why are you looking for Slender?" He threw the question at the sonic-character while smirking slyly. "Because I need to talk to him..." The hedgehog shot back. "Why, Sonic?" The animal-Creepypasta growled and balled his hands into fists. A glowing light sneaked its way into his pupils as he replied sharply, "I. NEED. TO. TALK. TO. HIM. BEN. WHERE. IS. HE?" BEN leaned against the doorframe while smirking, "He's out. He'll be back in 3... 2..." Something teleported behind Sonic and spoke in static-figure, "I'm h[]re, Ch[]ldren... what m[]ght you need?" Sonic turned around and faced the overly-tall man bravely, "I need to speak with you... ALONE." Almost instinctively, a tentacle shot from the Creepypasta's back and slammed the door- behind Sonic- shut. The young, small Creepypasta opened his mouth and began to speak, "Spot's getting our game... I saw her working with two children- SMART children... I killed the boy, but the girl was nowhere in sight... they're going to set a trap for us, boss... what do we do?" Slenderman's arms folded over his chest and his hinted facial-features contorted into what looked like narrowed eyes... "You []re sure, Chi[]d? This calls fo[] a m[]eting..." Sonic nodded and backed up a few paces, covering his ears as the taller Creepypasta emitted a high-pitched screech. That would be SURE to get everyone's attention... Slender walked over to the office-door and opened it up, offering the hedgehog to go first- to which he gladly obliged and rushed out. The living-room was FLOODED with Creepypasta... All eyes turned to Slender, and all conversation dropped... silence hung heavily around the room until Slender spoke, "Children, it has come t[] my attention- tha[]ks to Sonic- that Spot []s gaining inform[]tion about us f[]om some unknown source, []nd plans to set [] trap up to cap[]ure one []f us..." Sonic could see Jeff the Killer's eyes narrowing among the crowd, as he then growled, "Slender, you're trusting HIM? One who killed all his best buddies?!" Sonic ran over to Jeff and glared up at him, "Oh yeah? Well you're no better! You killed your own brother without a second THOUGHT!" "SILENCE!" Thick static hung around the room... pain was evident on their faces, but still, everyone's heads were held high to the Slenderman. One of his bony fingers pointed to Sonic, "Exp[]ain the predicam[]nt. Do you have [] plan of som[] sort?" Sonic's shocked face began to form into a creepy smile, "Yes... in fact, I do!... We all should wear human disguises...." Everyone began to groan and complain, "AGAIN?!" "Why NOW?..." "I-I don't... want t-t-to..." "For how long?-" "SILENCE, EV[]RYONE!" On instinct, everyone covered their ears and shut their mouths to try and dull Slender's static- but the sound never came. Slender sighed, "We n[]ed to know m[]re info[]mation... this []s the onl[] way how, without blowing o[]r total cover... few know th[]t we exist, and many th[]nk we d[]n't... this IS the only w[]y... B[]t this will b[] our l[]st resort..." He now turned to a Creepypasta nearby- the Creepypasta had a blue mask on with no facial features, but two holes for eyes that dripped black liquid. "Eyel[]ss Jack, Ch[]ld, can []ou fix some []f us []p wh[]n the time c[]mes? I shall cho[]se who wi[]l take part in []his, and wh[] shall rem[]in here." The eyeless Creepypasta nodded while trying to hide a smirk under his mask... 'Heh, what fun JEFF will have...' He thought, but Slenderman shook his head- as if mind-reading him- so he declined in trying to make Jeff as ugly as he could have...

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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