Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 14 -Problems-

______________________ Spot suddenly gasped as the sound of lightning startled her awake. The fox that layed beside her had slipped off the bed with a yelp to the sudden start. The girl was about to apologize, but the fox stood to its feet- sniffing the ground- and started growling in its throat. "What's wrong, Dodger?" Spot whispered. The fox trotted over to the bedroom door and pressed his snout against it. The detective grabbed her gun from the bedside table and yawned while reloading it. "You stay here, I'll go check it out..." She murmured. The fox gave her a doubtful look, but stayed put- as instructed. Spot creaked open the door and stepped out while cocking the barrel back into place. Her gun pointed in front of her, she sneaked her way down the stairs until she reached the bottom... a figure doused in shadow stood in the living-room- its back to her. "Give me ONE good reason why I shouldn't take this advantage." Spot growled. The figure jumped and spun around while stuttering excessively, "I-I-I wouldn't d-do that to y-y-you, would I-I?" The voice seemed... familiar...TOO familiar... "Do I know you?" The detective took a step forward while questioning the person. "We-we-we've met b-before, y-y-yes. I escaped y-y-your ca-car." Spot's eyes widened with recognition. "Y-YOU! You're the one who blew Silver's car up!" The person shook their head while chuckling, "N-n-no, that was To-Torch." An open window from the kitchen parted to let a small beam of moonlight filter through... The sudden light gave the figure's features away... The killer wore a light-orange hoodie with a zip-up hood... Two glowing red eyes, and a stitched-up red mouth were revealed... They also had a gun, but for some reason hadn't pulled it out. Spot also took into observation that the figure was slouched over, and seemed to whisper quietly. "You seem perturbed... why is that?" She questioned. "I-I-I'm not s-supposed to be h-here... I ha-haven't much time..." The female was silent now- all ears to what the criminal had to say... "J-J-Jeff is going t-to come a-a-and kill you... he-he's going against our ma-master. I-I'm telling you to pr-pre-prepare..." Spot stood agape for a moment before whispering out, "W-why tell me?..." The killer chuckled yet again while turning and walking toward the kitchen window, "Believe me..." He said as he hoisted himself up silently to slip through the narrow opening in the glass appliance, "Y-you don't want t-to ex-experience Jeff angry w-without being w-w-warned..." That said, the man waved and shut the kitchen window before running off into the night- leaving Spot to wonder and query in her mind... "EVERYONE, WAKE UP!" Spot's sudden shout awakened Silver with a jolt. "Aww man... I was so close to eating that cupcake..." He whimpered, but grabbed his gun and walked out of his bedroom. Mickey dashed past him, chasing Spot's fox in front of her while laughing. Silver smiled, 'That kid...' He rushed down the stairs to meet Spot in the living-room, "What's going on?..." Spot turned to him and expressed briskly, "No time. Jeff the Killer's coming to kill me- we have to be alert and prepared!" Mickey stopped chasing the orange animal and gasped, "W-what?! Why didn't you tell me sooner?!" The detective placed a hand to her forehead, "Because I just now found out!" The young tomboy shook her head, "I can help us survive against him... unlike many others, I pay attention..." Spot remained silent, begging the girl to continue- which she WAS about to, but a crash from upstairs alerted them all. "Spot, you have to take this fight alone... if we interfere, Jeff will become enraged." Spots eyes widened with surprise, "W-what?!-" "Your fox can help you escape if you end up too wounded to fight- but you have to take this one on one... Silver and I will be at the police station- turn your phone on right now and put it on a table... with luck, and hope, you won't knock it over. Good luck." That said, Mickey grabbed Silver and started to tug him out the front door while Dodger ran and hid underneath the couch. Loud, thundering footsteps sounded from the top floor of the building... 'It's time...' Spot realized as she took out her phone, turned it on, and set it on a table nearby. 'Goodbye, world...' A flash of white bolted down the stairs and crashed into Spot- sending her tumbling backward with the air knocked out of her. The white figure was none other than Jeff the Killer... his knife was now poised at Spot's neck as he cursed and growled threats at her. Spot took a deep, unsteady breath while thinking, 'I have to do this alone... tread wisely...' "H-hello, Jeff..." The girl mumbled out warily- her eyes locked on the knife that may or may not be the cause of her death ahead... His eyes were glowing a dangerous red as he replied through rasping breaths, "Why... heh... hello there, Spot..." Silence wrapped itself around the two... the knife in Jeff's hand shook with rage... Spot's eyes darted around herself for anything to help her out... Her hat was in her arms' reach, now all she had to do was make a distraction... "Jeff... go ahead and kill me..." She knew her statement was risky- with only 5% chance of her plan going smoothly... Jeff's eyes flickered with confusion, now... "What?.... Y-you're asking me to kill you?...." The girl nodded while keeping her eyes locked on the killer and reaching for her black hat... "Yes. Kill me... you would be doing me a favor by sending me to Hell- it's a better place than here..." Spot smirked inside her head. 'He won't know what to do, now... he'll be too torn between his bloodlust and his disobedient behavior to notice me...' And just as she explained, Jeff's eyes were thickly clouded with confusion. Suddenly, she threw her hat at the killer, grabbed his arm with one hand, and with the other hand she slammed it down onto a pressure point in his arm... the knife that was previously held in an iron grip had fallen to the ground between them both. Jeff snapped out of his previous state and grew shocked at what had just happened... but he quickly recovered from that and grabbed onto the detective's neck with both of his hands until his knuckles turned white... he could squeeze harder, but he wanted to make her death slow and painful... "D-don't... do t-this, J-Jeff..." Spot coughed out as he pressed her head into the carpeted flooring. "Why not?" He snapped and gave her a break by lessening his grip a bit. "L-Liu... wouldn't w-want... you t-t-to..." The answer took Jeff aback... his already-widened eyes widened even more as his hands fell limp to his sides. Spot knew she won... Jeff cared so much about his brother- he wouldn't do anything that would anger his sibling. The female detective quickly threw Jeff's knife out of arms' reach and pulled out her gun in case he decided to rush her- but he just sat there on his knees, his hands shaking and his eyes filling up with sadness. He was unable to produce tears, but Spot knew that if he was able to, he would cry a river. "It's okay, Jeff... it's all okay..."

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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