Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 18 -Just a Walk in the Park-

________________________ "Here, let me get you some cheesecake from the fridge..." Spot murmured and walked to the fridge. She still marveled at how the 12 year old girl, Mickey in other words, could completely repair an iron door that quickly. The little girl smiled and chirped out, "Okay! Do you want to know my secret as far as the door goes?" Spot nodded thankfully as she grabbed a whole cheesecake from the fridge and walked over to the kitchen counter. "My dad taught me how to fix things before he died and left us... 'us' being Ed and I..." Spot cut a decent-sized piece of cheesecake before turning to Mickey, "So Ed was your brother?" Mickey shook her head, "No... you would have to know the whole story to understand what we went through... but you're probably busy- considering you need a pet-shop door to repair." Spot winced- for she had forgotten about that. "I'll gather my tools and be on my way, yes. Thanks, Mickey." She emitted a chuckle as she gathered up her supplies from the iron door nearby. Mickey giggled back, "You know, I could do it for you...?" Spot pondered on this for a moment. The girl WAS faster at fixing than Spot herself was... and she guessed Mickey could protect herself with the blowtorch if she happened to run into danger... for a plus, Spot had a lot of work to do... For, the chief had decided to put her on the car-crash case from the TV earlier. Spot finally reached her conclusion: "Alright, Mickey... you can work on the pet-shop door. But if you need any help, here's your own personal cell-phone to call me with." As she spoke, she pulled out her own cell-phone and handed it to the girl. "Isn't this yours?" Mickey spoke through a small mouthful of cheesecake and held the phone in the palms of her hands. Spot nodded and pulled a spare from the back pocket of her jeans, "Yes. That one, if you happen to run into danger, sends an alarm to both Silver's phone, and this one." Mickey stared up at Spot with a confused expression on her face. Spot figured that she hadn't explained it well enough- so she went further into it, "If you get hurt or anything, we'll come-" "I know that..." Mickey cut in, "I just don't know how the phone could make such a big calculation as that..." Spot smirked and pointed to the phone in the young teen's hands, "It's self-programmed. These are for police use only. Anyway, my plan is to drop you off at the pet-store and come back here to think." Spot turned around and faced the young teen. Mickey had a bag full of supplies with goggles placed on her head. "Ready when you are!" She chirped. Spot smirked while replying, "You're still in your pajamas, Mickey!" The girl now noticed this, dropped the bag of supplies, and ran upstairs to change her outfit. Sherlock chuckled knowingly. "Ugh, kids sometimes." ________________________________________________________ Spot eased the car out of the driveway while looking both ways. "Wow! You're good at driving!" Mickey put in as she sat in the back seat with her seatbelt strapped against her chest. Spot sideways-smirked and swerved the car until it faced the road before putting the gear into drive. "I've never seen this car in the driveway before! Where did it come from, Spot?" Mickey was trying to create conversation to 'break the ice'. Spot turned her head to glimpse the girl while replying, "It came from a secret place. Now, do you have everything you'll need?" The girl nodded and patted the utility bag beside her. "Good." Spot took a glance into the rearview mirror and examined a black, busted-up vehicle behind them. 'Not too suspicious...' She thought, that is, until she saw the end of a gun aiming at Mickey through the shaded glass of the front. "MICKEY, DOWN!" Spot shouted and swerved the car to the right, in attempt of shaking the person off. The sound of a gunshot rang through the air, but luckily not at Mickey. "Honey, I need you to listen to me..." Spot murmured to the teen girl while racing around a curb. "S-Spot?!" The girl cried out. "Open the car-door, Mickey.... we're coming up on the pet-store fast. There's bags of pet food all around it... when we're close, I want you to jump out of the car with the stuff you need, and I want you to run inside, honey..." "O-okay, Spot..." Mickey murmured and gathered up her bags before opening the car-door. Spot stared ahead of her... the pet-shop was coming closer rapidly. Another gunshot rang out- she could see in the rearview mirror that the bullet from the gun made contact with the very back mirror of the car. Luckily, the mirror didn't break- so Spot was still safe... for now... "MICKEY! JUMP!" Spot shouted to the teen girl. Mikayla whimpered before launching herself out of the car. Spot looked into the rearview mirror and sighed with relief- the girl was safe... Now all that was left was to lose these morons, and she would be safe, herself. Spot swerved the car to a sharp right, into a seemingly-abandoned street. Spot slammed her foot onto the gas petal. 'Why won't this vehicle move any faster?!' She thought nervously. Her eyes widened as another gun-shot rang out. She heard where it went... it went through the back of the car, between the driver and passenger seat, and pelted right through the radio... The car began to jolt and creak. She knew she had to get out... The engine was breaking down... she had to escape, or else- if another bullet was fired at the fuel tank- the vehicle would explode into flames... and she would be trapped inside. Sherlock wasn't panicking- no, to her, all of this was just a walk in the park... but she had to 'walk' fast... She unbuckled her seatbelt and stood up, reaching behind her seat for a concrete block she had always stored there for emergency situations. Of course, this applied. She heaved the block around and placed it down on the gas pedal before opening the driver's door. Another gunshot rang out- whizzing around 10 centimeters away from her ear. She winced, but still felt no fear as she launched herself out of the car and crashed into overgrown grass. The sound of metal banging against metal and fuel burning as well as exploding echoed around the area. Spot knew that her car must've crashed into a building- for no other sound could replicate that one. "I-I'm safe..." She murmured shakily. Even though this was a 'walk in the park', it still frightened her every time she jumped out of a moving vehicle... Perhaps it related to her past? Anyways... 'I'm going to have to get a new car...' She thought heavily. "At least I'm safe..." She murmured quietly... Suddenly, her ears picked up the faint sound of grass brushing against leather. 'Oh no... not again...' Her eyes half-lidded as she concentrated. The sound was nearby- probably a few steps away...

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