Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 23 -Can't Burn the Past-

​___________________________________ Spot's eyes flickered as she watched the flames eat away at her files. She couldn't help but feel disappointed, and an essence of fear... What if BEN came back and blew his ocarina again? She would forget, and she could remember, but she might not be as strong as she was last time..."I'll have to try if it comes down to that..." She murmured aloud and stood to her feet. "Dodger, keep an eye on the house. If anything goes wrong, yelp for Silver. I need to go out." Spot grabbed her coat and pulled it on before opening the door and walking outside. Dodger closed the door behind her._____________ Spot pulled her hat down until it was just above her eyes and walked into the night- following the sidewalk that glowed in the moonlight. She loved taking night strolls- not only because of the silence, but because of the difference in appearance of the setting- being darker and creepier in the moonlight than it was in the sunlight. Suddenly, her phone rang- and she was much obliged to pull it out of her pocket and open it up. "Hello?" She questioned. "Spot, it's the state vice president." An old-like voice boomed from the other side. "The president and his set of police and staff have all agreed that if you find ANY criminals that aren't on our list, then kill them." Spot froze, eyes widened. "W-what? But... Yes, that would solve our crime rate problem, but... I thought you wanted them all in jail! I was given specific orders-" "FORGET the orders! Listen to what I'm telling you NOW! You are dismissed." Spot heard a click from the other side, and the phone went on dead air. She growled and shoved her phone back into her pocket, "I hate the government..." "Well, t-t-that's why w-we turned in-into criminal-ls..." She heard someone stutter from behind, causing her to turn around and face the familiar shy proxy of Slenderman's, with an orange hoodie over his head and glowing red eyes with a stitched frown on his face. "There's more to life than crime... Even you know that, don't you?" She countered with a frown. The man stayed silent for a moment before responding, "Yes... b-but we chose to li-li-live this way...we're killing in-innocents to rub it i-in the President's face..." Spot narrowed her eyes a little. She didn't like the response. "W-we found out your files i-i-in your house w-were fa-fa-fake..." He went on, cutting through the silence. Spot smirked. Her plan had worked. "Alright, you got me. I have no past. It's all old news- nothing useful." "W-wrong..." He growled, grabbing ahold of her shoulders with a firm grip. "BEN saw y-you burn you-your true f-files... he saw the look upon your f-f-face as th-they were being e-eaten by the flames-s... you didn't wa-want to do it, b-but you had t-t-to." Spot let out a growl, "So what? Every cop has their moments-" "But y-you're NOT a cop, A-ARE you, Sh-Sh-Sherlock? You're a d-double agent!" The girl froze up, pupils constricted with fear. "H-how did you...?" "I s-see the fear in-n your EYES, S-Spot. It's t-t-true..." Spot was speechless. This was the first time she'd ever been caught off-guard. She finally made a decision... She grabbed the man's shoulders and pushed him off, then ran around behind him and bent his arms back, until she could force him to the ground. "How do you know that I won't kill you right now, huh?" She growled, taking out her pistol and aiming it at his head. "Be-because... I-I haven't d-d-done anyth-thing to hur-rt y-you." Spot growled and pressed the gun harder into the back of his head. "And... y-you wouldn't hurt so-someone w-w-who wanted to j-join your t-team, would y-you?..." Spot was now surprised. Not only because of Hoodie not stuttering, but because of the sentence. 'A Creepypasta? On MY team?' She thought silently. "How do I know I can trust you?" She murmured out. "I-I can be y-y-your double a-agent on t-the Creepypastas... I can g-get you information t-that n-n-nobody kn-knows about..." Spot winced. She knew Hoodie was a criminal, but she couldn't help but feel sorry for him. After all, the government turned them into these monsters. Or did they? Spot put her gun down and released her hold on the proxy. "Until I can think of a reason why you can't hang out, you're free to stay with us." Spot could practically sense the amount of joy that she had brought to Hoodie. The proxy jumped to his feet and chirped, "You won't regret it!"____________ It began to rain as Spot and Hoodie walked back to the house- Spot's hat over her eyes and Hoodie's hoodie covering his face. "Even if you did burn your files," Hoodie spoke up without a stutter, "You can't burn the past... And it will come back to haunt you." Spot sighed. She knew this would come up again sooner or later... "Hoodie, I know. The reason I burned my files was so that BEN wouldn't be able to play mind-tricks on me again. I'll be able to protect my memories- like last time." She looked down and sighed. Suddenly, Hoodie grabbed her shoulders from behind, forcing the girl to stop in her tracks. She tried to turn around, but his firm grip forbid her from doing so. Finally, she tried to look up- only to stare into darkness. 'Hold on...' She thought, directing her gaze upward to stare at a pale-white, featureless face. Lightning crackled overhead. Spot tried to let out a scream, but Hoodie was one step ahead of her and clamped a hand over her mouth. Spot picked up her right foot and slammed it down on Hoodie's knee, forcing the Creepypasta to release her and allow her to run away. But alas, Spot wasn't thinking straight- and instead of running into her house, she ran in the opposite direction. Her breath came out as short, begging gasps of air as she ran. 'I KNEW I couldn't trust him!' She thought, blinking rainwater out of her eyes. Spot could keep running for at least an hour or two- she was trained to do so, as a cop. She pulled out her gun and skidded to a halt- turning around and aiming the gun in front of her. Confusion blanketed her eyes as nothing faced her but the empty street. "I know you're out there..." She growled, scanning the area with the gun close to her face- one eye closed for precision. "Why does the worst happen at night?" She thought aloud. Her S&W 640 was shot out of her hands by an unknown source. The detective let out a gasp and rubbed her now-sore hand before running to her gun- which skidded across the ground and lie a few yards away from her. Another gunshot rang out, but luckily it missed the female detective and hit the paved road instead. Spot grabbed her gun and whipped around with it in hand. "Quit being a coward- it accomplishes nothing..." She growled. Two people sprang out at her- one being Hoodie and the other being his best friend, Masky. Both of them grabbed her arms and locked her feet in place to the ground. The female struggled, blinking water out of her eyes that came from the sky. The proxies pulled her to the ground and pinned her down so she faced an overly-tall, black-suit-wearing, faceless man. "No..." She growled out, struggling harder. The faceless man bent down and reached a hand for the girl. "NO!" She cried out before the cold, boney hand touched her soft, warm skin.

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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