Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 25 -Beating the Game of Suffering-

________________________ Spot winced as she heard Masky's yell of pain far behind her. 'At least I'm outrunning them.' She thought. The female detective swerved around trees and dodged rocks as fast as she could without injuring herself. Her energy was running low, but she forced herself to keep going- she HAD to escape them before they came after her. Suddenly, an old building came into view- a half-collapsed asylum. That would have to work for right now, as far as hiding went. Spot climbed her way inside and crouched by a thick tree root, panting out as she waited to catch her breath. She reloaded her gun to pass the time and put her back flat against a rusty wall. "Damn... that STILL scares me, every time..." She growled out, finally able to catch her breath. The girl froze as two sets of feet rushed by the asylum, but relaxed as they passed- she guessed it was Masky and Hoodie on the search for her. Finally, she stood up and began wandering around. "I only have three bullets left..." She muttered and turned a corner, only to find herself at a dead end. 'Dead ends are a sure death in this situation...' She thought. Graffiti was sprayed and written on the wall- but one sentence in particular sent shivers down her spine. A sentence written in scratchy words. 'Right behind you, Spot.' written in blood. The girl froze, gun at the ready before quickly recovering. Suddenly, she whirled around and faced pure blackness. No-wait, it was Slenderman again... "Oh, no you don't!" She shouted and fired a bullet into his chest- missing his heart, but still having a small affect. the man... the thing... swayed and stumbled backward a little before tentacles sprouted out of his back. His face ripped apart to reveal a smiling mouth with a forked tongue and many rows of sharp teeth. What she assumed was tar dripped out of his mouth, leaving small puddles on the ground. Static swarmed her mind, giving the detective a small headache- blocking her from thinking straight. She fired her last two bullets at him, but was much surprised that he only absorbed the bullets, and the wounds healed almost automatically. She now noticed that sharp claws unsheathed themselves from ends of his boney fingers. Spot put her gun back in its holster and pulled out a knife she always kept- just in case she ran out of bullets. "If I would have known you all healed so quickly..." She growled through the static, her eyes shut tight as she forced herself to focus, "I would have brought a sword dipped in HOLY WATER!" The Slenderman hissed, his features contorting and growing sharper. Through the static, she thought she could hear a deep voice speaking to her, but she dismissed it and lunged at Slenderman. One of his tentacles lashed out at her and gripped her by the waist, but she twisted around and sliced her knife through it, forcing it to drop her. She hadn't had enough force to break it off, but Slenderman must've still felt pain, because he let out a strange, animalistic hiss. "Why did you bring me here?..." Spot growled challengingly, knife in front of her face, tilted sideways. She stood in a battle stance- her right foot in front and her left foot behind her. She leaned on her back foot slightly, in case he decided to attack rather than explain. He pointed an angular finger behind her, causing the detective to turn around and face the broken wall again. She searched the writing and found what she was looking for. A sentence of graffiti spelled out, 'For a private talk.' Spot narrowed her eyes and turned her head to stare back at Slenderman. "How are you doing that?" She murmured, still prepared to attack if he tried anything. Someone covered her mouth from behind and hissed in her ear, "I'm the one doing it..." The voice sounded like Hoodie's, but it came out a harsh, cracked whisper. She turned her knife backward so that the blade faced behind her and stabbed the man in the side, forcing him to let go. Spot turned around and faced Hoodie. "Didn't you stutter before? And how come your voice sounds different?" She questioned. Hoodie paced around her while replying, "Well, well, well. I picked a fine, smart detective, now didn't I?" Spot's eyes narrowed. She didn't like the sound of this at all. "You didn't choose me, I chose to work on this case." She shot back angrily. "Yes, but I was the one who knew that a brutal murder would stir up some smarts. After all, queer cases always stir up someone smart..." Hoodie challenged and halted right in front of her. Spot placed her knife to his neck quickly, before he could try anything. She began to grow nervous... She wasn't getting the answer she wanted, and the sound of static was starting to make her sick. "Hoodie, you were never so smart... It's almost as if you're being..." Spot froze in place, her eyes widened slightly as she whispered out, "C-controlled!..." "Precisely..." Hoodie snickered and slowly reached up to move Spot's knife away from his neck. The female tugged the knife away, but held a glare against him. "What sort of private chat do you want?" She growled warily, knife at the ready. "First off, no weapons..." Hoodie spat, right before Spot felt tentacles grab onto her arms and secure them to her sides. Her head tilted down so that her eyes hid the confusion she felt. "Now, let's get down to it, shall we?" Hoodie chuckled. Spot struggled against her restraints, eyes narrowed with concentration. "Enough. I only want to talk, you're acting as if I'll squeeze you to death at any moment." Hoodie muttered, stepping forward and putting a hand on her shoulder. Spot let out a growl and looked up, into the red eyes of his mask with her dark blue eyes shadowed by her hat. Hoodie stared for a moment before speaking, "I can either be your friend, or your enemy... the choice is up to fate and future. I just want to warn you that, whichever path you take, either will be full of pain and suffering." Spot moved her leg and kicked him in his stomach while snarling out, "And you thought I didn't already KNOW THAT?!" Hoodie got up from his fall and snarled out, "ENEMIES IT IS, THEN!" Spot could feel the tentacle-restraints begin to tighten around her, slowly squeezing the breath out of her. She kicked and struggled around, squirming and trying to escape them, but she knew her time was about to be up... She held her breath for as long as she could, but even that failed to assist her. Finally, she breathed out, "G-go ahead... k-k-kill me..." With her head down. The tentacles froze in place before slowly letting go of her and dropping her to the ground. "No." Hoodie murmured darkly, "That would be too easy..." The detective coughed out, breathing in as much air as she could from where she lie slumped on the ground. She heard Hoodie 's footsteps grow closer and stayed silent as he grabbed ahold of her chin and lifted her face up to him. She stared him coldly in the eyes. "I will teleport you back to your world, but we are still enemies... You blew your chance to be friends..." He growled and released her face. "Sometimes... fate can... change..." She hissed out, getting to her feet and using a wall for support. As she looked up, Slenderman's boney hand touched her cheek, leaving a small surface cut thanks to his sharp nails. Suddenly, everything went black for the female detective, leaving her in unconscious confusion.

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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