Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 28 -Things not as they Seem-

____________________ The detective held a tight grip on her cell-phone and pointed it in front of her, trying her best to see what tripped her. "Where are you...?" She growled out. Spot's phone began to glitch, the flashlight flickering and the camera messing itself up. Something familiar flashed onto the screen- a pale-white hand. Thick static pushed itself into her head. The detective cringed and covered her ears, but she couldn't escape the sound. A distorted laugh was heard through the sadistic static. "Stop! Ugh, make it stop!" She shouted, feeling nauseous. Finally, one word came through. "Y-you?..." The female tried to crawl around to look behind her the best she could, and gasped out with surprise at what she saw... Slenderman... Tentacles sprouted from his back, one of them slithering toward her through the grass and grabbing her by the ankle. It slowly began to lift her up off the ground. The detective, out of fear, tried to grab ahold of something that would prevent her from being hung upside down. Let's face it, she was already feeling sick, and being upside down would only worsen it. Just as she thought that, the static calmed down to a light buzzing, and she began to regain color to her face. She hung upside down, facing the Slenderman at eye-level. "Y-you're al[]ve?..." His voice came out glitched and distorted. Spot struggled to keep her shirt down and growled out, "It takes more than a little fire to kill ME." Slenderman lowered the detective slightly so that he was staring at her stomach. 'He saw the bandages...' Spot realized. Slender ran a finger along the bandages and cut them off with a sharp claw until he was staring at the stitches that kept her wound from getting worse. Finally, he set her down on the ground, laying face-up. Spot struggled to keep her breath even. Right as she blinked, the faceless man was crouched next to her on his hands and knees. His face was so close to hers, their noses almost touched. Spot felt cold breath on her lips and shivered. "Um..." She cleared her throat, turning over and trying to get away. But, as she was almost away from Slenderman, he put his hand on her back and shoved her to the ground so roughly, that the breath was knocked out of her. "Do[]n't stress th[] st[]tches!" He hissed into her ear. Spot winced, feeling the stitches pulling at her unharmed skin and turning it red. She began to pant for breath with her eyes closed. "H[]ld on...?" Slenderman murmured, and right when Spot opened her eyes, he was crouched before her, holding her head in his hands. She could feel him rub one of his fingers over the cut in her cheek. "Y-y[]u... c[]n he[]r me?..." He gasped, pulling her face closer to his. Spot squirmed around and kicked the Creepypasta away with a hiss. Finally, she had enough sense in her to get to her feet and run deeper into the forest... After awhile, she began to wonder which way she should go. The young detective turned around, taking in her surroundings. She was near a crumbling building- vines pouring out of it. "[]re you wanting to d[] this th[] h[]rd way, det[]ctive?..." Slenderman's voice echoed inside her head. The female detective pulled out her gun and closed an eye for precision. "Come on then, come get me and see what you get..." She snarled. Silence filled the clearing for a few moments... All Spot could hear was her breath... Suddenly, Slenderman appeared in front of her. Spot fired three bullets into his chest- but the wounds instantly healed. "Tell m[] how y[]u're al[]ve, or I'll be f[]rced to read your m[]nd!" He growled inside her head. Spot glared up at him, right where his eyes should be. A tentacle lashed out at her, but Spot grabbed her knife out of her pocket and sliced the tip of the tentacle off. It fell to the ground and wiggled around slightly, leaking a black substance. The sight was too much for Spot to stand- she looked away and swallowed nervously, but when she looked back, the Slenderman was gone. "I've had it with your mind tricks..." She growled, knife at the ready. Something wrapped around her waist and pulled her backward, into soft cloth, but it was then that she realized it was Slenderman, and he finally trapped her. She could see his hand reach out and come close to her face- the detective couldn't help but struggle! "Time t[] see what's []n th[]t beautiful mind []f yours..." He muttered before his hand came in contact with her forehead. Spot closed her eyes and arched her back, letting out a cry of pain. Flashes of escaping the fire appeared in her mind, so vivid and colorful... Bolts of pain shot up her spine, causing her to struggle against her restraints. Finally, Slenderman let go of the poor detective and set her down on the ground. Spot was too weak to move... she collapsed with exhaustion and went limp as an attempt to recover. "Ow..." She groaned. Slenderman chuckled and sat down beside her, stroking her hair with his long, boney hand. "Just c[]nsider yourself lucky [] w[]sn't try[]ng to kill y[]u..." "Are you kidding me?... I'm basically paralyzed! You call that lucky?" She growled back. Slenderman's face moved into what looked like a smirk. "Your fa[]lt for being s[] stubborn, d[]tective... I'll t[]ke c[]re []f you until the effects w[]ar off." Spot stared, confused, at Slenderman as he picked her up and set her in his lap. "Hold on... I thought we were enemies? What happened to that?" She questioned him. "W[]ll," He began, straightening his tie, "After I s[]w how you m[]naged t[] escape our tr[]ps, I bec[]me... interested, l[]t's say, []n being fri[]nds." Spot went quiet for a moment. "That, []nd I want to t[]st y[]ur lim[]ts, Detective. It's wh[]t I do b[]st." Slender chuckled and set a hand on her head. Spot narrowed her eyes. She wanted to ask Slenderman what happened at the cabin before it burned up, but she was afraid to, considering what the possible answers could be. Spot began piecing things together... what Slender said before reading into her mind, the awkward closeness- "Mickey was right! You DID kiss me before the fire!" She gasped out. She looked over to Slenderman, noticing a light pink where his cheeks should be. "Do you know how against-the-law and how DANGEROUS that is?!" Slenderman stayed quiet for a moment before moving his hand to her arm and getting on top of her, pinning the detective down. "L[]ve knows no bounds... ev[]n you sho[]ld know that, Sh[]rlock..." Spot was caught of-guard. Her eyes widened and her blood ran cold. "I d[]n't regr[]t kissing you... in fact, [] might d[] []t again to s[]e your re[]ction..." Slender chuckled, nearing her face. "The []nly thing [] regret..." Slenderman's face was unbelievably close to Spot's, their lips almost touching as he continued, "[]s n[]t making it last long[]r..." Spot closed her eyes. She couldn't avoid this, especially since she was still paralyzed. 'At least now,' She thought, 'I know that Mickey was right...' Spot's cheeks lit up red as Slender's lips captured hers in a small kiss.

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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